(I)dentity or (I)nfinity?

Imagine wearing undersized garments or living in a tiny compartment, all your life, how would it feel? Bounded And imagine removing those clothes or stepping out of that tiny compartment one day, how would that feel? A sigh of relief, a feeling of freedom, comfort, naturalness, isn’t it.. Similar is an experience one gets inContinue reading “(I)dentity or (I)nfinity?”

The legend – Shri DeoKaran Jhunjhunwala

Shri DeoKaran Jhunjhunwala ((1910-1968), Bade Babaji our beloved Great grandfather in his short span of life laid down such a strong foundation for our family that even after four generations the fruits of his hard work are being enjoyed by his family members. The more I learn about him the more in awe I findContinue reading “The legend – Shri DeoKaran Jhunjhunwala”

Time to remember Ancestors, but with Love…

It’s amazing that in Hinduism all aspects of human existence are covered. Special days of the year have been assigned to celebrate different Gods and Goddesses, who symbolize a special energy in the universe. Similarly special days are also dedicated for remembering our ancestors. These days of the year are called Shradh Paksh. *Pitru Paksha (Sanskrit:Continue reading “Time to remember Ancestors, but with Love…”

Latur Trip

May 2016, was my last visit to Manjara river in Latur. The dried up river looked like a Marusthal (a dead habitat). After 4 years of drought, the Villagers living around this river were fighting their worst battle for survival, with bare enough water available for their daily needs. Children had stopped going to schoolContinue reading “Latur Trip”

Jal Jagruti Abhiyaan

“We have pain in our body, because the farmer has tears in his eyes” –Sri Sri Ravi Shankar The visit to Latur in December last year was like my right hand meeting with my left hand. As more than half of Indian population still lives in rural areas and life in a city like Mumbai can be quite aContinue reading “Jal Jagruti Abhiyaan”

The forth pillar, as shaky as it can get

He was glued to the television and I obviously thought he was enjoying the Doremon or the Chota Bheem, my 8 year old nephew. I was pretty surprised when my brother revealed to me that instead my nephew was hooked on to the 9pm prime time debate. As this show was anchored by his favoriteContinue reading “The forth pillar, as shaky as it can get”

Experiencing The World Culture Festival

The World Culture Festival was held on the 11, 12, & 13 of March. Its been a few days and yet we are unable to sink in the cultural extravagance, the magnanimity of the stage and the cheer of the crowd after every performance. Here, we are few of us from varied professions sharing ourContinue reading “Experiencing The World Culture Festival”

Oh My GauSh!!

A Beautiful Journey..

Kishan Poddar

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! :)

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