From the depths of my heart..

An offering in the lotus feet of my master.

The divine walks me by my hand, helps me drop the crutches of the “I” in “me”.

Beyond the threshold of my limits he carries me to infinity…


No limits bind me, No depth scares me, Comfortable in the unknown, I float, gracefully…

What’s in tomorrow? What’s  behind? Nothing matters, in this moment, thankfully…

Hooked to my shore with my strong bond with him, I travel in a magnificent dream with my gaze fixed at him, firmly…

Nothing remains to be seen, nothing remains to be possessed, As I have discovered me in him, him in me, Completely…

He is “The Creator”,
He is “The Protector”,
He is also “The Transformer”,
And “HE” walks me by my hand
Yes! I recognise, it’s him and my gaze is fixed at him, firmly for Infinity…
Like a fish without water,  Like a bird that cannot not fly,

Like a flower without fragrance,
Like a peacock without it’s beautiful feathers,
Like a nightingale without a voice ,
Like a traveller stuck in a desert without water,
Like a prisoner without any hope,
Like a ship that never sailed,
Without you my life would be, purposeless.

Thanks for being born, my Dearest Master and for making life so much worth living.
A very Happy Birthday Sri Sri

YES! You have expressed it a million times already, Tera mein

Fortunes of a devotee are immeasurable. For them Without the presence of their “Lord” even existence is unimaginable. Soaked in his infinite love, for a devotee every breath is an expression of gratefulness for his master.

Happy Birthday Guruji! :)

                   Happy Birthday Guruji! 🙂

– Vasudha Jhunjhunwala