Art of Living- The ultimate Spiritual Service provider

The Invisible-visible Connection Technology used– Sudarshan Kriya Target customer base– The most confused mammals on planet earth who have been gifted with the ability to breathe in different patterns Key Network strength– Dedicated satellites (Swamis and Rishis) Basic plan – Coverage area– International Roaming (upgradation possible) Connectivity– Moderate (upgradation possible) Rentals- Connectivity for a life time only @ Rs.2500.00 Free services- 1) WeeklyContinue reading “Art of Living- The ultimate Spiritual Service provider”

Sanathan Dharma

Guruji Often Says “Deepen your roots and broaden your vision” A reminder of this knowledge for me was yesterday when Chaaya Anna(Swami Suryapaadji) stated that its not enough to only be proud of what you have, but it is also essential that we have enough knowledge about it. From my very childhood I felt proudContinue reading “Sanathan Dharma”

The Relevance of Geetha in my life…chapter-6, part 2.

  Today is Buddha Poornima. Guruji said on this very day Buddha was born, he attained enlightenment and took Samadhi. It being such an auspicious day I thought its nice to ponder our minds over knowledge.(God knows, it may be our turn:)) Infact every single moment of life is an opportunity to learn and expressContinue reading “The Relevance of Geetha in my life…chapter-6, part 2.”

The Relevance of Geetha in my life…chapter-6

  8th May 2010, I found myself surrounded by yet another crowd gathered in Arosa, a town which is best suited to represent heaven. In the midst of snow covered mountains, was the meditation hall called Krishna hall (by AOL people), where the modern day Krishna sat, one more time to explain the 6th ChapterContinue reading “The Relevance of Geetha in my life…chapter-6”

‘Not just Diwali cleaning’

We all are well aware of this term called ‘Diwali cleaning’ isn’t it? Diwali which only meant crackers, sweets, new clothes, glittering lights, loads of fun till yesterday, suddenly got a new dimension to it. Around the tender age of 6-7 a new term was introduced to us, by our ever loving compassionate Mom. Whose singleContinue reading “‘Not just Diwali cleaning’”

Oh My GauSh!!

A Beautiful Journey..

Kishan Poddar

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! :)

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