Art of Living- The ultimate Spiritual Service provider

The Invisible-visible Connection

Technology used– Sudarshan Kriya

Target customer base– The most confused mammals on planet earth who have been gifted with the ability to breathe in different patterns

Key Network strength– Dedicated satellites (Swamis and Rishis)

Basic plan –

Coverage area– International Roaming (upgradation possible)

Connectivity– Moderate (upgradation possible)

Rentals- Connectivity for a life time only @ Rs.2500.00

Free services-

1) Weekly free refills of long Sudarshan kriya for a life time

2) Top ups- Satsangs and Knowledge sheets

Terms and conditions

1) Daily recharge required – Kriya everyday

2) For stronger signals- Seva and Satsangs

Advanced plan-

Coverage area– Universal access (All Planets)

Connectivity– High (upgradation possible)

SMS– Instant intuitive connection with other instruments

Terms and conditions

1) Recharge- Twice a year for unlimited access

2) For 24*7 signals- 2 hours Sadhana, daily Seva,Weekly satsangs

For instrument upgradation

1) DSN- Increases Battery life

2) Patanjali Yoga Sutras- Makes instrument weather proof

3) Bhakti Sutra-Rings melodies of romance

4) Ashtavakra Geeta- Extra antenna

Rewards for patrons-

1) TTC-Transmission Tower channels

2) Free will-Access to the universal Browser (Source of thoughts)

3) Grace downloads 24*7

New Offer- For 1,00,008 new friends apply for a basic plan (18th march YES+ in Mumbai). Special discounts available.Conditions apply 🙂

In Service

Vasudha Jhunjhunwala


  1. this is the best service provider who needs no customer care help or assistance
    and will still continue to revive the strong network around the globe

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