A narrow escape..

We encountered unexpected traffic while returning on the Western express highway this Sunday evening. It seems some flyover is being constructed because of which such heavy traffic was there. Cars were moving bumper to bumper and I was having to use the break every minute. We were in acceptance and peace inspite of chaos around us. Thanks to the Art of living course which has trained us to accept the moment as it is 🙂

 It was around 7.30pm when we were passing by from under Malad flyover(at a speed of around 20km/h) in a flash of a second a BEST bus came in full speed and almost sandwiched our car, with the flyover on one side and the bus on the other as it wrongly over took another bus. I applied sudden breaks (God’s intervention), if there had been a one second delay, our car would have collapsed into the moving bus. Om namah shivaya, thinking of it still gives me goosebumps!
I felt a surge of anger at this foolish act of the careless driver. Who had just proved with his rash driving that he does not care for the lives of common man.

Instead of letting go (like most of us do, since we are so habituated to take unjust in our country) I followed him. He stopped outside Dindoshi bus depot to drop passengers. At that moment, I took my car ahead and parked it right in front of the bus, so that he could not escape or move.
We were 4 girls in the car – Mrunal, Mamta, Ranjeeta, myself, along with Shashwat. 3 of us got down and demanded an apology from the driver.
Did the driver respond respectfully and admitted his mistake? Forget about an apology, this guy had not slightest of regret about what he had done. He was in complete denial and looked into our eyes as if telling us , ‘What you girls can do to me..do what you like..I don’t care.’ 2 officials came from the bus depot and instead of supporting us they started asking me to remove my car and instead file a complain in the police station.

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At Dindoshi Bus Depot

I was adamant not to move. In the mean time, I called the traffic Commissioner and requested him to intervene. VBI had done a project with the traffic department which was very appreciated by him.  He was kind enough to call the ACP who immediately helped us by sending a traffic cop to help us. The message was posted on the group and in no time 5 of our Hero volunteers came to help -Mandar, Monish,Pratik.. (Pratik was at the celebrations of his parent’s 30th anniversary and was kind enough to drop everything and come).

I could clearly see divine’s intervention at this point .We were only girls with a child but help came in from all directions in no time. The bus depot officials called for police too. A flood of people surrounded us now. The traffic cop was very supportive and helpful. And even the police. Both bashed the driver and did not give in to his stories. By now the driver had realized that he won’t be able to get away with this and he may even loose his job.
He came to me and resentfully apologized.I patiently explained him that his job needs him to be very responsible as lives are at stake. The traffic cop took his licence and filed a complain. As a punishment the driver will not be driving for atleast 15 days.

I sincerely hope that after this the driver and his other colleagues will get a learning and they would be more careful on the roads. Every citizen’s life is important and cannot be taken for granted!
We in India, have started giving up very soon to the unjust that happens around us, we have made ourselves believe we are the chickens in the truck – helpless and unaware! And that is one of the reasons for the state of affairs in our country. We should come together and create pressure groups and stand by each other in times of crisis. Like is said ” Sanghe Shakti Kalyuge”, VBI gives us that platform.  Every wrong action needs to be reported and demanded for justice. When more and more citizens do this we can have a JUST India .

For all of us who witnessed this incident it got further reaffirmed -“Bhakt Kabhi Haar nahi sakta “, a devotee can never lose:)) . As a devotee we are bestowed with infinite strength by the divine. Prayers at the feet of Gurudev, who nurtured us on this path and made us recognize the infinite strength in us.

Jai Hind
Jai Gurudev

– Vasudha