Dusting off Dindoshi traffic chowky

Pained at the sight of mounds of garbage, construction material and abandoned vehicles flanking Dindoshi traffic chowky, decided to undertake a spruce-up job.

I wanted to initiate the Aarey flyover project since long , and give it a makeover. The face lift kicked off on October 2.

Like everybody else, I used to look at the mess below the flyover during my daily commute and wonder how traffic cops spend time in such filthy surrounds. I felt the urge to do something. So I began meeting traffic cops to discuss possible solutions a month back.

Senior Inspector Vijay Salunke of Dindoshi traffic chowky, who assumed charge in September, was also keen to improve the state of affairs below the flyover, which helped expedite the project.

The project hopes to beautify the 700-metre stretch of the traffic chowky below the flyover. It aims to stop littering, remove abandoned vehicles and debris, level the ground, plant vertical gardens, create sitting areas and paint the section under the bridge.

On 2nd October, volunteers from Art of Living, local elected representatives, civic staffers, students of Dairy Science Institute at Aarey Colony and citizen activists held the first clean-up drive. In a matter of four hours, around three tonnes of trash was cleared. Seeing the citizens’ response, traffic cops on 3rd Octobe cleared another section near the chowky which they plan to develop as a garden. “This is a busy, noisy junction. We are sure the plants will help cut noise and dust pollution. Our staff is very happy at the difference just two days of work has made,” said Senior Inspector Vijay Salunke.

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Our video of the Aarey Clean up Drive 🙂