Twice born- am I!

After 15 years of my daily spiritual practices, I have finally been initiated to the Gaytri Mantra through the sacred ceremony of Upanayan. They said “Upanayan is like a second birth”. I did not quite comprehend the meaning of this statement, until I experienced the depth of this sacred ceremony.

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On the first day at the time of initiation as soon as the 1st word of the mantra was chanted in my ears by Kashi Bhaiya, tears started to trickle down my eyes. It felt as if a switch was pressed and I got connected to the infinite universe, instantly.
What’s the science behind this? How does this work ? How did the Rishi’s know so precisely?
Many such questions have filled my life with wonder after the initiation ceremony of the Upanayan.KASHI BHAI

The next few days of the course was experiencing the infinite energy which got released, from somewhere I don’t know! As if a nuclear reaction had happened inside me, I could not fathom where so much energy was being experienced throughout the day. I was barely sleeping for 4hours still all daily chores were being completed effortlessly. In fact much more was accomplished than regular days.

The thoughts of the past and future are not troubling the mind.The mind is naturally being in the present moments. As if some fine tuning has happened and now the music of life is flowing more smoothly.

Something has changed for sure, what it is, I will only discover as I move ahead with this beautiful new friend, the Gaytri Mantra. I look forward to building a strong relationship with my new friend and look forward to exploring the possibilities of this new alliance in future. Because as they rightly said “I am twice born now” 🙂


I thank all those who contributed to making it possible for me to experience this divine ceremony in Mumbai. In a city like Mumbai where we are bombarded with sensory stimulus constantly having made possible a scared ceremony like Upanayan is a true gift not only for those like me who participated but for the entire city, nurturing Dharma .I am committed to doing the bit I can to support this cause and would like to receive the great opportunity to be a part of the organizing group next time.

Special thanks to my friend Shibani, who has been a constant source of inspiration for me, for organizing the Upanayan so beautifully and flawlessly.