Goregaon Art and Culture Festival

An Arts and Culture Festival, in Goregaon (GACF) was conceptualised and staged within an incredibly short period of fifteen days by our volunteers and teachers along with me. The event, brought together children, elders, youngsters, adults of different castes, class, creed and language in celebrating various Indian art forms ranging from music, acting, dancing, drawing etc.The event saw a footfall of over a thousand people and the interesting sight to behold was families, both nuclear and joint, sitting together at one place, smiling, laughing, getting thoroughly entertained by enthralling performances one after other, cheering the participants together, connecting with the crowd around and leaving the GACF venue with smiles and visibly enhanced bonding.With more than a hundred artists performing, making it a unique cultural extravaganza.

Goregaon Arts and Cultural Festival began with a drawing competition named Kaleidoscope wherein approximately 150 children of the age group 5- 21yrs ranging from both mainstream and BMC schools participated. Renowned Artists Shri Ghanshyam ji Gupta and Smt.Pradnya Busari judged the drawings. Kashvee Barjatya a nine year old young author of the book, Lost in the Woods, came and interacted with the drawing competition participants inspiring children to follow their dreams.


Day 1- had a series of musical, acting and dancing performances. Students of Swarajali Singing classes, group casio recital by students of Shri Ghanshyam Bhagat and Smt.Renuka Bhagat, Meera padas by Priya Bhagwat, Mime act by Modi family followed by Guru puja and a short meditation, Bharatnatyam Mythological Ballet on avatars of Lord Vishnu by Smt.Radha Mohan and her team, vocal recital by Jyati Gangani and Sameer Pandit – both international singing artists.


Day 2 – had performance of 20 Tabla playing children lead by their teacher Shri Aditya and accompanied by Shri Sarang on Sitar, followed by an Art of Living Satsang, Flute recital by the disciple of Pt.Shri Hariprasad Chaurasia, Shreedhar jujar, accompanied on Tabla by Shekhar Gandhi, Bharatnatyam performance by Akhila Nair and her group, Vedic hymns and Hatt Yoga by the children of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Borivali, Kathak by Smriti Mishra, choreographed by Pt.Dinesh Chand of Jaipur Gharana, Khayal gayyeki by Smt.Rashmi kulkarni.

Just like a dam channelises the uncontrolled energy of water into a life supporting force, in the same way knowledge given by Gurudev, naturally directs our energy towards constructive activities. It is a wonder how GACF got organised in such a brief period and how all those who became a part of it were touched somewhere deep in their hearts. Yes! Art has the ability to unite.

GACF was a small offering from us for Gurudev’s vision of ‘One World Family’ for which WCF 2016 is being organised.Our entire team is grateful for all the love and support  we got from people in organising this event.

Few Experiences :

Says Shri VInod ji- the sanskrit teacher who won the Central India competition for Vedic chants for SSRVM, borivali -” ऐसे उत्सवों  से शरीर मे उत्साह, उमंग एवं हर्षोल्लास बढ़ता है कला प्रदर्शनकारों एवं दर्शको दोनों पर सात्विक भाव उमडता है । जिसके फलस्वरूप प्रेम, साहचर्यता, एक दूसरे के प्रति आदरभाव जागता है।

Says Mr.DP Aggarwal,  “A great beginning in the direction for uniting the world culture and striving to make the world a GLOBAL VILLAGE. ”

Says, Kathak Pt.Guru Shri Dinesh Chand – ” It was a pleasure to witness &  be a part of such a Divine concert organised by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji’s volunteers of Art Of Living. Feeling blessed..


Special thanks to Rangresa pictures, Akhil Patel and Kunal Mehta for being prime donors of the event. Thanks to Mr. DP Agarwal ji, Mr. RD Agarwal ji, Mr. Nittin Save ji for helping in organising this event. And to all the Artist for contributing their Art at GAFC.




Eleven reasons why I will attend the World Culture Festival

  1. In these testing times when the World is fighting terrorism and hatred, when fear seems to have overtaken faith, It’s time for peace lovers to come together and make a powerful sound. Sounds that will over power all existing disturbances and resonate through the entire Planet. A collective voice that will rekindle faith in Universal Love, in the hearts of all. And carry each of us from the shadow of fear to the light of faith. मिले सुर मेरातुम्हारा, तो सुर बने हमाराThe World Culture Festival (WCF), is that collective call where 3.5 million peace lovers will echo their voice together. And being an ardent peace lover myself I will also like to make some peaceful noise!unnamed 10
  2. Meditation is food for soul. It not only nourishes the spirit of oneself but it also has a positive impact on the surroundings. One can feel a shift in the entropy of a place after mediation, an immediate cooling down effect, which I have personally experienced over last twenty years that I have been practicing meditation. Perhaps for the first time in history of Earth will millions of people gather and meditate together at WCF. Wow! I can’t even imagine the tsunami of positivity that will rise.. The prayers that will rise from the silence of so many souls will surely bring some solace for our Blue Planet and have a cooling down impact on it. Our Planet does need the envelope of our prayers more than ever before, isn’t it. I have a moral obligation towards this planet and so I will attend WCF to pray for it’s well being.unnamed 9
  3. It is a sheer delight to interact with people of different cultures and faiths, to know about their perspective of life. It opens the mind to a wider outlook, which can otherwise be limited to the narrow experiences of One’s small world. A lot of management schools now consider this exposure to be a vital key for success, to have a broader and a more inclusive mindset. I have had the privilege of travelling around the Globe and witnessing diverse cultures and so I also recognise the value of such interactions. The World Culture Festival is a wide platform (literally as the stage will be as big as seven football grounds) for all of us to broaden our perspective as it provides us a unique opportunity for interaction with people from 155 countries.unnamed 3
  4. World leaders from the fields of Politics, Corporates, Arts, Science, Sports, Media etc will all be gathering to reflect on the paradigms of leadership needed to manoeuvre the world today. A Global Leadership Forum(GLF) is being specially organised at WCF for enabling this meaningful interaction. GLF gives me a chance to learn from the rich experiences of these Global leaders.

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  5. At heart I am also a passionate Artist. I have tried exploring many Art forms since Childhood.  Few forms include Kathak dance,  playing Sitar,  learning Vocal Classical music, writing Poetry, Drawing and Painting. I also chose to study BFA. Art is like another form of meditation. It connects to the inner tranquillity. I am glad that Gurudev has taken up the cause of reinvigorating and re-enlivening classical Art forms. One thousand Kathak Dancers, two thousand Bharatnatyam dancers, Eight thousand five hundred Musicians, Five hundred Russian Dancers, Six hundred and fifty African drummers, Performers from different parts of India- Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra, all on one grand stage. It’s going to be a ‘heaven of a feast’ for an Art lover like me. A Marwari like me would also think, WCF is perfect deal. At the cost of an air ticket it is giving me a chance to view so many international performances!unnamed 2
  6. The Art of living Organisation has given me a big family which extends around the whole World. I have met some of the most incredible people here. Our family members are joining us from all over the World from Norway and New Zealand, Argentina and Africa, Mongolia and Iraq and also from many other countries. As Sri Sri calls WCF- our family reunion,being a hosting nation, I am eagerly waiting to welcome all of our family members from around the world.unnamed 6
  7. A thing common about celebrations is that we all love them, isn’t it. Whether it’s celebrating a festival, a marriage, a birthday, a reunion or any other event, we humans love to celebrate. When I close my eyes and take a trip down the memory lane, I find that the most impressionable and happy moments of my life are of celebrations. Thinking of them brings an instant smile on my face. At WCF coexistence and diversity will be celebrated with the spirit of ‘One World Family’. Life itself will be celebrated. I will give myself a gift by attending this biggest and the most colorful celebration of our times as I love celebrations and I love life.

    Pun Intended –

  8. The greatest fear in a human can be of being left out, so that I won’t have to feel left out, I will surely attend WCF!
  9. From one holiday to another, life evolves, WCF -Another official holiday,Yippee!!!
  10. All important personalities of the World will be attending, being so Important, I must too!!
  11. I am far sighted, so that when my grandchildren read about this event in their history books, I will be able to boast and tell-” I was in the organising teamstock-vector-illustration-of-kids-listening-to-their-grandmother-tell-a-story-237742315


Life is too short, let us not miss a reason to Celebrate, Smile and Spread smiles in this World. See you all on 11th 12th 13th March in New Delhi at the World Culture Festival, let us together create history.कुछ भी हो WCF miss ना हो



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