Who Am I ??

Only the Body?
Body minus “That” =  Dust

‘That’ keeps me fresh and  going ,
Like petrol keeps the scooter brrrr……..

Just the breath?
Breath – “That” = Static
Like wind without movement – don’t imagine!!! It’s not possible….

Only the mind?
Mind – “That” = Directionless
Like being in middle of an ocean without a radar  – going right,left, up, down, back , front….forever

Only the intellect
Intellect –  “That” = Like a Robot
But they say human life is about discovering ‘Love ‘, isn’t it!

Only Memory ?
Memory –  “That” =  Stale!
Wonder adds color to life. pink, purple, blue , green,orange…

Only Ego?
Ego – “That” = Bondage
Like a horse is tied with ropes, or the bird that is caged. No freedom ..
Thank God, I am “THAT“!!!
‘That’ is Freshness  ,
‘That’ is all Pervading,
‘That’ is Ever Pure ,
‘That’ is the Source,

‘That’ is ever New ,
‘That’ is all Inclusive ,
‘That’ is  Love ,
‘That’ is Enthusiasm ,
‘That’ is Freedom,
‘That’ is Light ,

‘That’ is Wonder, ‘That’ is the nectar that we call Life 🙂
Wow! I am That :)))))))

* – =  minus

– Vasudha Jhunjhunwala