-Prisha PoddarWe’ve all been there. On the brink of an emotional breakdown, negative emotions fuelling up, feeling like you’ll immediately burst . You can’t focus on school, lash out at loved ones, and maybe even disconnect yourselves from them completely. Trust me when I say this, you are not alone. As teens we’ve all sprainedContinue reading “NORMALISING CONVERSATIONS ON MENTAL HEALTH”


The dazzling ripe-orange hue, contrasting against sky’s deep-blue. Wondrous! The Gulmohar tree’s view. Scorching summer Sun burnt them all. Na! She is resilient she still stood tall, showing off her saffron fashionable shawl. Expressing her vibrant beauty, provides shade diligently performs her duty. Remain untouched enunciates this May-Flower Rooty.

Oh My GauSh!!

A Beautiful Journey..

Kishan Poddar

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! :) News

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