I have been here too…



I have been here too,

                                  standing TALL just like you.

Winds of change have blown and gone

facing them all, this form was born.


No avalanche, no storms could ever touch me

freezing cold and burning sun made me stronger, couldn’t crush me!

I have been a witness to them all,

                                                      to be here now, is a divine call.



I have seen kings and queens come and go,

                                                                      to no pomp or show did I ever bow.

Will continue to stand here for a million years and more,

 Holding the weight of responsibilities on my robust shoulders, that I bore.



 image Offering my strength to the weak,

providing shade and shelter to the meek.

I rise above every cloud,

my strength makes me humble and proud.




My form may change as millenniums go by,

they may call me with different names, standby.

But I am here too to stay forever,

to die isn’t my destiny, never-ever. 


I will be here too

Standing STILL just like you.

Thank God! The “I” dissolved into the ocean before “I” retired to sleep again…

My little hands were busy building the most beautiful and magnificent sand castle in this whole wide world.


Nobody would have seen something so well crafted, so well designed, I thought to myself. Determined to reach perfection, I toiled like I had never before, putting all the efforts I possibly could, to achieve my goal. I was almost there and now only a flag was missing. ” After adding the flag I would prove my castle’s supremacy over all the pieces of art in this world”, I found myself day dreaming again..



Wow! It did looks magnificent, I thought to myself. I couldn’t wait any longer as there was so much excitement in me for the future galore that I ran as fast as I could to fetch MY flag… 

It took me a long time to complete the important task at hand, as it was a challenging job to find that supreme identity, my perfect flag. Nothing felt satisfactory, not even close to what I was looking for but I was determined not to settle for anything but the very best. And so I searched and searched and searched….after a long..long..long.. wait and struggle, I finally found something which felt right. Yes!!! THIS IS IT, I was overjoyed. I ran back as fast as I could to hoist my dream, my flag over my castle, I couldn’t wait any longer to experience that moment of success…. 

 'I claim this land for...'

And the moment arrived…The moment when my destiny brought me to absolute truth…

I reached to meet the infinite ocean, as the ocean was all there was to meet. The rising waters had consumed my universe, my world, my castle in itself. The castle had merged. Everything got washed away, all the efforts and with it, all my dreams.. 

ocean_onpage When I looked at the sight with dismay, I felt a strong sense of loss. As if the ocean was announcing to me ” I am the only one” “Yes!  I am the only one who owns the whole world and I rule the world with my law”.Something inside got shrunk and I felt the same salty water dripping from my eyes, which was also rising and falling in front of me.

 images wave


But not for long..

 What! What is that, Such a beautiful bright shining pearl, I had never seen anything like this before.  Wow! I must make the world’s most beautiful necklace…let me look for more pearls like these… I got busy again… 







Ever since lifetimes I have slept again and again…

I have slept a million nights and more, to dream a million times and more…

And this never ending cycle continued…

I woke up a several times, now and then, but only to to sleep again.. 

But I choose to wake up today and now!!

Finally to wake up to God, to the infinite ocean, to the eternal truth.

Praying to never sleep again.. 


Thank God! I Woke up to God’s presence before I retired again,

to sleep.. 

By “some” grace, by “some” blessings,

I too got a peep.. 

Beyond the “narrow walls of my experiences” lies an infinite ocean so deep.. 

An ocean filled with “Swans of love” those In dream’s,

I did always seek.. 

But this “treasure trove” is for the gifted one’s, for the blessed,

not for the one’s who are meek..

For those who remember to pray every night, for waking up,

before they finally retire to sleep!!