I have been here too…



I have been here too,

                                  standing TALL just like you.

Winds of change have blown and gone

facing them all, this form was born.


No avalanche, no storms could ever touch me

freezing cold and burning sun made me stronger, couldn’t crush me!

I have been a witness to them all,

                                                      to be here now, is a divine call.



I have seen kings and queens come and go,

                                                                      to no pomp or show did I ever bow.

Will continue to stand here for a million years and more,

 Holding the weight of responsibilities on my robust shoulders, that I bore.



 image Offering my strength to the weak,

providing shade and shelter to the meek.

I rise above every cloud,

my strength makes me humble and proud.




My form may change as millenniums go by,

they may call me with different names, standby.

But I am here too to stay forever,

to die isn’t my destiny, never-ever. 


I will be here too

Standing STILL just like you.

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