Life is nothing but a mirage
Illusions all along, by & large.
Like a person in the desert hallucinates water out of thirst,
we in life fantasise those means which would fulfil our desires first.
Every step promises the goal is near
Every breath assures, yes, you can reach there!
The heart beats fast, the pulse goes high,
We strive hard, Our feet as though cry.
Off course we do not reach there,
no matter how hard we try.
Wind blows, obstructs our way
Sand’s hot, where to lay??
Helpless and burnt-out we finally pray.

The Illusion ends..
We settles down as there is no more rush.
No more desire, no hopes that can crush.
We are at peace, memories do not brush.
No fallacies now, just one truth,
Life is nothing but a mirage.

Vasudha Jhunjhunwala- written in the year 1998

Sketch 1996