Life is like the Festival of Holi

Like Holi is a festival of colors, Life is a festival of emotions. Minus the emotions from life and life will be colorless, isn’t it!

The vibrant play of emotions- Happiness, Sadness, Gratefulness, Jealousy, Longing, Lust, Greed, Love, Hate, Fear…. continues all our lives, making life a festival like Holi.

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Life sometimes spills colors of negative emotions on us and we feel dirtied. Based on the pronounced patterns of emotions in our lives we sometimes start labeling ourselves, “I am an angry person’ or “I am a lazy person” or “I am an anxious person” .. And we may forget who we really are. Just like on the day of Holi, we spill so much color on each other that we can barely recognize who we are. All that we see of each other are the white teeth and the black eyes.
But later, after that yearly bath, super washing happens. And the one who emerges after this powerful cleansing is a new vibrant person in us. Spick and span, making the contrast very evident. This contrast is a reminder to us that we are eternally clean and cannot be dirtied by any fleeting negative emotions of life. All that is required is some power cleaning, soap of knowledge and water of meditation, and the job get’s done.  Like In white light all other colors are embedded similarly in our consciousness different hues of emotions are embedded. But I am not the emotions, I am the white light, Holi brings this cooling reminder.
What we can also learn from Holi festival is that messing up is a part of the play and to not get bogged down when life looks all messed up. Like playing Holi is not possible without messing up, life is not possible without messing up sometimes. Everything is really Ok. Being messy is also ok. Our intellect gets stuck to the concept of right and wrong and in doing so we may forget, life is a play. Whether Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow or Mixed black, life is but a play.
We also put Holi colors on our favorite God’s Idol on this day, as if expressing to him that you have put all these colors into our lives, today we offer them back to you.
Gurudev says – “Life is enthusiasm, life is love, life is joy”. Let’s make life a celebration like Holi every moment. We know the art of taking bath so Meditate and celebrate a new hue in you every moment.
Happy new year
Vasudha Jhunjhunwala
Pics by Kunal Mehta
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(I)dentity or (I)nfinity?

Imagine wearing undersized garments or living in a tiny compartment, all your life, how would it feel?


And imagine removing those clothes or stepping out of that tiny compartment one day, how would that feel? A sigh of relief, a feeling of freedom, comfort, naturalness, isn’t it.. Similar is an experience one gets in meditation.

All the identifications of the spirit with the body, like our gender, caste, creed, color, religion, rank in society, roles we play etc are all like wearing undersized clothes. Because however big the identity/role may be it is only an iota of what the spirit is. The Spirit or Energy from which this whole creation is made. Yet all our lives are directed towards strengthening these limited identities. The identity we hold on feels like our most precious jewel isn’t it.
But for those who have meditated have experienced how it feels to break through those shackles and experience being infinity, even if it is for a fraction of second, it brings great relief to the tired soul, which has been stuck in those limited identities for life times. The relief is similar to that child’s, who once parted with his parents at birth and reunited with them again. Can you imagine how he would feel? Comfort, love and freedom.

Comfort. Love. Freedom

No matter how precious the King’s crown is, he too has to remove it while going to bed. Only then can he sleep and get rest. But how about the crown we wear even to bed! The crown of identification which we carry 24/7, which makes us so tired one day, so very tired that life itself feels like a big burden. Only if we learned to let go of this dearest crown of ours, for few moments every day, the quality of life could be different.
Gurudev once explained the symbolism of the peacock feather in Krishna’s crown. He said it symbolizes lightness of feather he carried with his role. Though he was a king, his identity as a king did not weigh heavy on his head, it was light as a feather. Even in the posture that he stood, with one foot on the ground and the other tilted above, it represents lightness of dance.
When we meditate daily, life becomes like a dance. We can carry our identities with us, just like a play, like we did when we were kids, remember playing chor police!
But knowing for sure this is not who I am, I am infinite, unbounded, scintillating energy and I am indestructible.
How long do you propose to live in those undersized clothes, we have a choice, resolve and meditate daily.

Meditate daily!

Time froze, so did all the mental activities… name melted.. what remained was nothingness… and absolute rest.
– Vasudha Jhunjhunwala