Shiva and Shravan

Shhhwaaahh! :)

Shhh-waaahh! 🙂

The nothingness, from which the fullness of life emerges and dissolves back, is Shiva. The space, in which energy condenses, hibernates and rests, is Shiva. I wondered why lord Shiva was prayed to and had special significance during the month of Shravan, the rainy season. Today morning’s sunrays seemed to have lighted some secrets for me.

During the month of Shravan the energy that dominates is that of dissolution and transformation, this is the energy that Shiva represents. Old is being dissolved- the bacteria are most active, earth’s surface is filled with water and no new crops germinate, the old is being washed away and water floods the creation. And at the level of the mind, I observed very few new intentions emerging. As if the feeling of nothingness fills the creation. And so this month is for letting go of all the past and resting in this nothingness.

Sages gave the science of Rudra Abhishekam, chanting and meditation to experience this tranquility and dive within. Because Shiva Tatva is so dominant at this time it is much easier to retrieve and Rest in “that” infinite space.


Until the 1st ray of the sun touches the earth again and new life springs up from Shiva Tatva after being transformed. The celebration of Janmastmi, the birth of Lord Krishna marks coming of new life, just around the end of Shravan month. And then in the month of Bhadra, Lord Ganpati with his Grandeur welcomes the coming of this new life. And removes all obstacles from it’s way for life to be able to grow.

Life celebrates itself again. In the next month of Aasvani we celebrate Durga Pooja. The elements play with each other, manifest as Tamas, Rajas and Satva. And finally Devi/Energy/Life wins over inertia/death and victory of life is celebrated.


Often in Hindu religion people wish each other new year on Diwali which is celebrated in the next month Kartik as commerce flourishes around this festival for the year ahead. And the cycle of life continues..

All of this emerges from that infinite space, which germinates from nothingness, Shiva Tatva during Shravan and dissolve back into it. That nothingness which brings out the Fullness of life in the year ahead.

From the Month of Shravan and from this cycle of Birth, Death and Transformation, I learn that -Unless the old is washed away no matter how beautiful or ugly it was, transformation is not possible and without transformation evolution cannot happen. For new to emerge, old must dissolve. Life’s nature is to evolve, from a seed to a stem, from a stem to a bud and from a bud to a flower, life evolves naturally. And this cycle completes every Shravan.

Shravan is the time for celebrating infinite peace and infinite stillness, rest in Shiva tatva.  And so Every time I retrieve back, meditate and dissolve into nothingness I celebrate Shravan of my own life.


Happy Ganesh Utsav to all! 🙂


Happy Picnic at Aarey Picnic Spot

Picnics can be so much fun!! Playing Games, spending time with Nature, Singing, Dancing, Meditating, Wow!  Our Happy picnic today was all this and more. Becoming a child again, Carefree and Connected to the beauty of life. Here are few glimpse of some Happy Moments we all spent today 🙂


The winners of “Lagori”

pic 17

Winners of Game “Do I know you”. The Game’s Host was Rima Engineer (The vivacious girl on the right side in yellow)

pic- 16

Kho Kho the ever green game we played at school 🙂 Remember!!

pic 11pic-4pic-3

Meditating with Trees. Felt as though we synced with nature. The chirping of the birds, the fresh air, the shade of the trees …


Selfies with Trees 🙂 Our tree was named Sundarlal by Chirag 🙂

pic 7

The Balloon Relay.

And there was excellent food Organised by DP uncle and Radhe Shyam ji. Dancing steps with Chirag and so much more..

pic -5

Happy Picnic at our Own Aarey Milk colony 🙂


WOW! I am a Teacher:)

I remember Hero worshiping them… Admiring the way they spoke…Their Confidence and Conviction was so COOL…YES! They were my Teachers at school.
Unknowingly and even knowingly sometimes, I was walking and talking like them, imitating all those, WOW! qualities. And l recall all this started somewhere in my second Standard:):) when Ms. Joshi would enter the class in her crisp Cotton Saree, ready to take on this world with her enthusiasm and intelligence. Oh! Those formative years were so impressionable and my teachers played such an important role in making me, who I am today.
And on this Teachers day I would like to thank each one of them for contributing to my life. Inspiring me, to be amazing like them. 🙂
But, when did I become a teacher!! I didn’t even get to know. As it was not one of the destinations, I had imagined in the itinerary of my life. But the making of a teacher in me, does make me realise that teaching is about learning, learning more and more.
Every time I repeat the principles of life as taught by Gurudev Sri Sri on a Happiness course, they become a little more firmer in me. There couldn’t have been a better happening for me than to be an Art of Living Happiness workshop teacher.As the knowledge in this workshop has the potential to bring the best out of me.
And so I would like to even thank all my students today, who with their patient hearing made me stronger.
Thanks for all your love and respect. May all of you shine brighter in the world and make it Happier with your presence.
Here are some of the lovely wishes that I received from my dear students, who are like a family to me 🙂
I found Guidance,👉
Friendship, 👫
Discipline 👆
everything, in one person.
And that person is you..🎉
The way you teach..
The knowledge you share..
The care you take..
The love you shower..
Makes you..
The world’s awesomest teacher..
Happy Teacher’s Day Diiiiii.I am so fortunate to have a mentor like U. Thank u so much for making my life a true celebration..
(Aircraft Maintenance Technician with Jet Airways and Volunteer with Art of Living)
Thank you so much Di for being in my life.. the only person I could remember is you when I wanted to wish my teachers… Actually even before Guruji.. I wanted you to know you are always my inspiration, my motivation.. you being in my life is a blessing to me.. the Ashtavakra that I did with you had transformed my life completely.. I can see it’s effects.. all thanks to you.. I really love you and respect you.. Happy teachers day Di..
(Professional film maker)
Sorry for the late wish!
Happy teachers day deee
All that i’ve to say is just Thank u for being there for me
(Fashion designer and  faculty with Art of living )
Happy teachers day Vasudha thanks for all unconditional love and guidance  .
Siddharth Shukla
(Marketing Incharge and Art of living teacher)
Happy teachers day to all
And specially didi to you.Thanks for being around all of us.
Thanks for inspiring every time
Sunil Kanwarjani
(CEO of a garment manufacturing firm and a leader of VBI)
Happy teacher day Dearest Vasudha didi …Gratitude .. and lots n lots of love didi
May u keep touching the hearts of millions around the world ..U r best
(Software developer and Volunteer with Art of living)
Dear vasudhaji
Happy teachers day.After meeting u at a happiness workshop, my thoughts have changed.
Thanx a lot
Dr Rekha
Thanks for being the best teacher.I couldn’t have asked for more.Happy Teachers’ day:)
(Management trainee with Future group and Volunteer with Art of living)
Happy Teacher’s day to you Didi . Thank you so much for Always being there with your unconditional love and support
 Deepti Bhatia
( Faculty Art of Living)
unnamed (2)
Abhishek Shirke
(Soft skill trainer and Volunteer with VBI)
I wish #HappyTeachersDay to my beloved teacher @vasudha777 for teaching me attitude and joy of giving unconditionally.
Akshay Kalap
(Accounting executive and Leader of VBI)
Words cant do justice to the gratitude for having you @vasudha777 Didi, for taking me towards the highest!  #Blessed
Jainil Khandelwal
(CEO travel Royal India and leader VBI)
Special thanks to my lovely teachers Bawa and Dinesh da a very Happy Teachers day.