Happy Picnic at Aarey Picnic Spot

Picnics can be so much fun!! Playing Games, spending time with Nature, Singing, Dancing, Meditating, Wow!  Our Happy picnic today was all this and more. Becoming a child again, Carefree and Connected to the beauty of life. Here are few glimpse of some Happy Moments we all spent today 🙂


The winners of “Lagori”

pic 17

Winners of Game “Do I know you”. The Game’s Host was Rima Engineer (The vivacious girl on the right side in yellow)

pic- 16

Kho Kho the ever green game we played at school 🙂 Remember!!

pic 11pic-4pic-3

Meditating with Trees. Felt as though we synced with nature. The chirping of the birds, the fresh air, the shade of the trees …


Selfies with Trees 🙂 Our tree was named Sundarlal by Chirag 🙂

pic 7

The Balloon Relay.

And there was excellent food Organised by DP uncle and Radhe Shyam ji. Dancing steps with Chirag and so much more..

pic -5

Happy Picnic at our Own Aarey Milk colony 🙂



  1. I loved cheering when Kho-Kho team B was chasing for runners….balloon game mein toh cudnt stop laughing only:) Chirag Agarwal’s Vrukshasan! Mamta’s sudden entry, Mafia – Daku moment…and the summit moment was becoming one with Aarey through S.K.Y … Food! Yummilicsious….actually it was being with everyone in informal way….boht mazaa aayi!!!!

  2. This picnic was truly “Breath out” one. I always had this question in my mind, “Why cant we organize at least 1 event which has no implication, no goals ?” This picnic was answer to all such questions. Thank you didi for such great idea of picnic.

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