‘Not just Diwali cleaning’

We all are well aware of this term called ‘Diwali cleaning’ isn’t it? Diwali which only meant crackers, sweets, new clothes, glittering lights, loads of fun till yesterday, suddenly got a new dimension to it. Around the tender age of 6-7 a new term was introduced to us, by our ever loving compassionate Mom. Whose single mission of life was to make us perfect individual, cleanliness being the number one in the list of ‘must have’ moral values. The more we differed with this idea of her’s, the stronger her intent the harder the drill. 🙂

Hah….With a lot of reluctance I have finally understood that even in this noble mission she was right!

Diwali cleaning can teach us secrets to enlightenment, you think I am kidding, hold on to your opinion until you hear me out.

And so let me take the liberty to recoin this term for future generations, it should now be called ‘Not just Diwali cleaning (NJDC)’. So that no one in future can under estimate the greater significance of this fundamental act. :))

Allow me to share some revelations.

When I started with ‘NJDC’ this year the only purpose of my life was to disturb the peace of every object lying in the state of inertia of rest and bathe them properly so that they could feel proud of their existence and I could feel the same for them too! And so I started on my holy mission… With a heightened state of awareness and a single aim of achieving my mission I started with NJDC.

Deeper (I mean it literally) facts started revealing.
So much garbage was getting accumulated and I had no clue what so ever. Old worn out clothes, shoes, isolated perfume bottles, broken clips, used pens, expired chocolates and medicines etc etc. The list is unending. And so they met their destiny, Trash! This part was pretty easy and fun too, but what was this? Along with this trash, there were also objects which were very new but I think, were ‘non attention seekers’ and so they were all hiding in dark corners. I realized I was completely ignorant of their existence, which was not fair on my part, and so I resolved to use a few. Yes just a few that seemed to continue to have a future with me.Rule ‘A’ of NJDC

Something that I haven’t used for a few months and I think has very little chance of changing it’s destiny in near future should be strictly given away to someone who finds it more worthy. What did I say, ‘Given away’!

Yes and this takes us to rule ‘B’

No matter how pretty this thing in front of me looks and no matter how expensive it is, giving it away is important because it is occupying my precious SPACE!
You may debate and ask why? SPACE, because nothing in this world is more precious than empty spaces. Let me prove this practically to you with some examples. A cup is valuable for the empty space inside it, or the bucket or the jar or the cupboard or the house we live in. Infact, you may recall paying an extra few bucks for some extra SPACES! I definitely do, recently I-Store sold me a 30 GB phone at a 1/3rd price more for the same reason. Just think what would that fancy item in the show window mean, if it wasn’t for the empty space in your cupboard, or eating your favorite brownie without the empty space in your stomach. I am sure by now you agree.

Give it away, even though with a heavy heart and in exchange get a room full of infinite new Possibilities! 🙂 🙂

Rule C

Sorting things is an integral part of NJDC. If sand and sugar are mixed neither can be useful, but that’s exactly how things are generally placed in the house, all jumbled up. Everything has an assigned place in our lives. Whether it is a pen, a pair of scissors, a pair of socks or our relationships, isn’t it! Take your mind back to the instance when you were with your mother but were busy whatsapping the girlfriend, and when you were with the girlfriend, you were planning a football match with another friend, so obviously everyone seems to be complaining!

Our whole world seems to be unhappy with us, only if we can learn to place things in their respective places they will be at peace and so would we be in the long run. So immediately attend to the medical file and keep it in place..

Rule D

New utility can be created of the most unwanted things. We created a candle stand out of a broken lamp that was lying in a dark corner, unnoticed for years. And beautiful Diwali card out of old wrappers. Our attention has the power to convert dust to gold, and rekindle new life in the dead. Call that forgotten 1st standard friend now and see for yourself!

Rule E

I noticed that all that I wanted was already with me and I never ever realized this, because I was so busy accumulating new things that I did not even notice that ‘I was a billionaire of my own world’. So, make a list of things that you already have, count your blessings, I am sure we will have many reasons to smile.

 Helpful free tips– So wake up and shake up those filled spaces, it’s never too late to get started, clear all the garbage and become brand new this Diwali.

Let our world shine like a lamp. And when the lamp is lit, Goddess Laxmi can proudly be invited to maintain the old and fill the new spaces with peace and prosperity, isn’t it! It would be worth a thought, ‘why Vishnu married Laxmi!’ 🙂

In my limited experience Vishnu’s portfolio Is to maintain, if we do his job well, Laxmi will follow,  even an atheist would not be averse to Laxmi for sure 😉

Just for Fun

Meditate daily, because it equals to NJDC for the mind. Meditation clears the RAM and can make the processor, the mind, speed faster. And the hardware empty space in us, is ready for new downloads the entire day 🙂

To me enlightenment would mean not creating any garbage and putting things in right place every time, and that’s why we call it NJDC – ‘NOT JUST DIWALI CLEANING’  😉

Wishing all a very Happy Diwali.

Vasudha Jhunjhunwala


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