The Relevance of Geetha in my life…chapter-6


8th May 2010, I found myself surrounded by yet another crowd gathered in Arosa, a town which is best suited to represent heaven. In the midst of snow covered mountains, was the meditation hall called Krishna hall (by AOL people), where the modern day Krishna sat, one more time to explain the 6th Chapter of Bhagvad Geetha

Guruji began to explain…..
Geetha means a song. Krishna sung the Geetha to Arjuna .
WOW!! Imagine being in the middle of a battle ground, the biggest war ever witnessed by mankind at that time, surrounded by weapons, on both sides warriors of highest rank gathered ready to shed blood for their cause and here, our dear Krishna right in the middle singing away to Glory.

Only one who has mastered the five senses, the intellect, the memory & the ego, who rests only in the self, for the one for whom all is a play is capable of such ease, such poise, such strength of mind.

When I look at Guruji all those qualities come alive. The ease with which he carries himself through one action to another, weather its an address to highly intellectual group , or a bunch of religious fanatics , or a group of devotees for whom only love & no reason exists. He is completely rested & so aware. WOW!! This is to aspire for.
He continues to explain as babies we were free, but as we grew we were surrounded by conflicts. Conflicts between choices, And sometimes these choices can be very Very VERY confusing (like being in Mahabharata yudh) that is where having an enlightened master, who demonstrates the highest possibility of human consciousness through his actions, can help by showing the right path.

Chapter-6 Dhyana-yoga


English Book Translation: One who is unattached to the fruits of his work and who works as he is obligated is in the renounced order of life, and he is the true mystic: not he who lights no fire and performs no work.

Krishna says – One who acts without expecting fruit of action is a Yogi. Guruji tells exactly how you do this, There are two attitudes while performing any action. 1. Performing an action expecting joy out of it. 2. Doing an action as an expression of joy.

I have observed this many times myself. It’s a very thin line but makes a lot of difference to the quality of mind. As in the 1st case the mind may become feverish, restless, sometimes greedy as a result the speech or the action may become pervert & leave you empty handed.

Yogi is one who’s actions are an expression of joy.

He explained, you do care about the result “Thats why you are performing” but you are not dependent on the result to give you joy.

An action is fruitful in both cases, An action giving adverse result can help you in improving or enhancing some skills in you. And if result is of your choice it gives you satisfaction.
Double edged sword.
“WOW did you ever think of it this way,I didn’t !”. Meaning if we perform our duty its only win win ☺.

Para – 2 Sanskrit:

English Book Translation: Arjuna, you must know that what they call sannyasa is no other than yoga; for none becomes a Yogi, who has not abandoned his “Sankalpas” (thoughts of the world)

Sankalpas keep coming to our mind, that is natural. But holding on to it does not let us rest. Before sleeping you anyways drop all sankalpas, So that you can rest. Golden principal of meditation – which is wakeful rest 1. I want nothing 2. I do nothing 3. I am nothing This is mental renunciation, Running away from the world does not make one a Yogi. The actions become effective when you are centered.

“What a Management Principal, no B- school can deliver this point as effectively, and why not ,after all it is straight out of horses mouth, oh no! God’s mouth….:) ”

Will leave you with some pictures now, for more on Bhagvad Geetha keep blogging as more is awaited soon…

Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

Photographs courtesy-Siddharth Jhunjhunwala

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