YES! the little is a lot..

I started earning to make a living
I ended living to continue earning.
In the race for wealth I lost my health,
loved ones got ignored fame & money poured.

Flooded with riches felt like a king
sleep, smile, solace & friends went missing.
Indulged in substances picked up vices
good Karmas diminished was paying my prices.

Conscience pricked for making wrong choices.
Remained engrossed in other loud noises.
Trend setters, Stars, Celebrities,
was following road map of hyped entities.

Covid-19 spread got me house arrested,
a pandemic with which World is infested.
Was forced to slow down & confront reality,
life’s impermanence, by sudden fatalities.

“Wrong, I went terribly wrong somewhere...
the direction I opted led me nowhere..”
I repent for my sins, hoping it’s not late
a righteous journey is my only true fate.

I want to fix all that has broken
live life of truth to which I was woken.
May I always remember the lessons learnt
time’s precious, must never again get burnt

Living is my goal, earning is not.
Cherish thy journey, yes! the little is a lot.
Life on this planet is a rare gift
together let us protect, conserve & uplift it.

7th September 2020

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