Goregaon Art and Culture Festival

An Arts and Culture Festival, in Goregaon (GACF) was conceptualised and staged within an incredibly short period of fifteen days by our volunteers and teachers along with me. The event, brought together children, elders, youngsters, adults of different castes, class, creed and language in celebrating various Indian art forms ranging from music, acting, dancing, drawing etc.TheContinue reading “Goregaon Art and Culture Festival”

Eleven reasons why I will attend the World Culture Festival

In these testing times when the World is fighting terrorism and hatred, when fear seems to have overtaken faith, It’s time for peace lovers to come together and make a powerful sound. Sounds that will over power all existing disturbances and resonate through the entire Planet. A collective voice that will rekindle faith in UniversalContinue reading “Eleven reasons why I will attend the World Culture Festival”

Shiva and Shravan

The nothingness, from which the fullness of life emerges and dissolves back, is Shiva. The space, in which energy condenses, hibernates and rests, is Shiva. I wondered why lord Shiva was prayed to and had special significance during the month of Shravan, the rainy season. Today morning’s sunrays seemed to have lighted some secrets for me.Continue reading “Shiva and Shravan”

Happy Picnic at Aarey Picnic Spot

Picnics can be so much fun!! Playing Games, spending time with Nature, Singing, Dancing, Meditating, Wow!  Our Happy picnic today was all this and more. Becoming a child again, Carefree and Connected to the beauty of life. Here are few glimpse of some Happy Moments we all spent today 🙂 The winners of “Lagori” WinnersContinue reading “Happy Picnic at Aarey Picnic Spot”

WOW! I am a Teacher:)

I remember Hero worshiping them… Admiring the way they spoke…Their Confidence and Conviction was so COOL…YES! They were my Teachers at school. Unknowingly and even knowingly sometimes, I was walking and talking like them, imitating all those, WOW! qualities. And l recall all this started somewhere in my second Standard:):) when Ms. Joshi would enterContinue reading “WOW! I am a Teacher:)”

A brand new experience ..

I would have never known that Shashwat was old enough to enjoy watching plays and like theatres, as according to my perception theatres were only meant for elders, if it wasn’t for this brand new experience . I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Ms.Poonam ( Shashwat’s class teacher) for a permission fromContinue reading “A brand new experience ..”

From the depths of my heart..

An offering in the lotus feet of my master. The divine walks me by my hand, helps me drop the crutches of the “I” in “me”. Beyond the threshold of my limits he carries me to infinity… No limits bind me, No depth scares me, Comfortable in the unknown, I float, gracefully… What’s in tomorrow?Continue reading “From the depths of my heart..”

Oh My GauSh!!

A Beautiful Journey..

Kishan Poddar

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! :)

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