Annadata Sukhi Bhava

My own Farmer

He may look frail but he is not meek..he may be ignored but he is warrior.. he who has won many battles of survival.. His many war with enemies like flooding plains, unforeseen droughts, failing crops, depleting nutrient in the soil, chemicals in food chain. These larger than life enemies which cannot be won by the even the mightiest of the mighty

Though he has called truce with his opponents he has not given up, he is ever ready and armed for the next war and the next natural calamity. For he must fulfil his commitment of sowing the new seeds of life for sake of the many, like you and me, who continue to be depended on his toil..

He may be dead tired, but he won’t give up as he knows he must continue his journey for the war of survival..The provider, The nourisher our very own farmer who’s immense contribution brings us our two meals.

He asks little in return.. And so I stopped by him for a moment of inspiration, a moment of pride and a moment of smile from him. He looks puzzled! No passer by ever stopped or ever noticed him, he thought he is insignificant worthy of only ignorance ..

But why had he remained unnoticed by all! I thought to myself, after all can the jewels, the riches, the money and the power, be bartered for our two square meals on our table..Then why does he live in this shadow of ignorance. My wet eyes search for many unanswered questions..

Two types of soldiers fight battles the one who protects and the one who nurtures. Yes! He is a true warrior, he is my very own Farmer..Let’s salute him with deepest respect, let’s bless him – Anna Datta Sukhi Bhava – Do take a few minutes to stop by and visit him this Republic Day.

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