Indian Knowledge Systems (part-1)

Thank you Sri Sri University for hosting the first ever FDP on Indian Knowledge systems online and reaching us such precious and rare knowledge. The speakers who imparted the sessions were true stalwarts in their field and it was a great delight to be in company of such wise people for fourteen days. I wouldContinue reading “Indian Knowledge Systems (part-1)”

YES! the little is a lot..

I started earning to make a livingI ended living to continue earning.In the race for wealth I lost my health,loved ones got ignored fame & money poured.Flooded with riches felt like a kingsleep, smile, solace & friends went missing.Indulged in substances picked up vicesgood Karmas diminished was paying my prices.Conscience pricked for making wrong choices.RemainedContinue reading “YES! the little is a lot..”


Life is nothing but a mirageIllusions all along, by & large.Like a person in the desert hallucinates water out of thirst,we in life fantasise those means which would fulfil our desires first.Every step promises the goal is nearEvery breath assures, yes, you can reach there!The heart beats fast, the pulse goes high,We strive hard, OurContinue reading “Mirage”

A silent moment..

A silent moment or an empty wall,  need no accessories, they are complete in all..  From emptiness is fullness born, witnessed in infinite forms. Observe.. Become aware.. know that vacant spaces perform.  Feelings ripple from heart to heart, bridges gaps between those apart.  Intuitive thoughts manufacture art, these are all space’s craft.  Fill yourself with theContinue reading “A silent moment..”

Oh My GauSh!!

A Beautiful Journey..

Kishan Poddar

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! :) News

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