“Yatha Pinde, Thatha Brahmande”

“Yatha Pinde, Thatha Brahmande”- What is in one is in the other or as is microcosm, so is macrocosm.


Having read the above in the book called creation (written by Dr. D.K Hari and Mrs. Hema Hari) (Page 52) many parallels of the macrocosm and the microcosm came to my mind.

It’s obvious that the qualities of parents are inherited by their child. Because the micro has emerged from the macro both should have similar properties, isn’t it.  In this sense knowing one can help know the other to a great extent.

A few years back, I got the privilege of travelling to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear research, with Gurudev. The physicists in CERN are probing the fundamental structure of Universe. During our visit, I found myself in a constant state of wonder seeing the size of infrastructure created for research work. A whole township has been put together, a 18 km  underground tunnel has been built to enable particle collision, gigantic equipment have been put together, thousands of people there work tirelessly to discover more about matter in our extra ordinary universe.

cern 2 cern 3 cern-image1

Being on the Spiritual path for last 20 years I could compare the thirst in the scientist for knowing the creation, the macrocosm, to the thirst of a yogi to discover the self. Both tirelessly seek the unknown and both are being carried by strong faith in the unknown which helps them take on all the challenges that come their way.

Being on the path I could draw parallels even then. And now after reading this excellent book.

-The concept of creation by many philosophers, sages and the modern scientists explain the concentration of energy or “Hirany

Creation-Book-Finalagarbha” or cosmic egg before the emergence of the universe.-They also talk about a force acting inside this egg called Indra and Vrtra , expansion and contraction-And the release of energy – Big bang  or Brahamanda Visphotak- Which finally led to the birth of the universe as we see it today.

(More on the above can be read in the book on creation which is a fine collaboration of thoughts of different schools)

But what I really wish to highlight through this writing are some of the interpretations that the mind can draw, the amazing parallels between the microcosm and macrocosm.

1)To start with when we observe the human body itself with it’s trillions of cells and the nervous system with it’s unique mechanisms we can find an as complex and magnanimous interplay of forces as the universe has.A single cell when seen heart-stem-cell_02closely has the two forces at work the positive and the negative just like the Indra and Vrtra was present in the cosmic egg. With a balance or neutral centre – which is described as the primordial state from which this complex universe emerged- or “Narayana floating in cosmic waters” (Pg 22) A cell with its electron, proton and neutrons in the nucleus can be compared to this cosmic egg. It’s the atom, a cell which is the basic building block of the nervous system similar to the Cosmic egg from which this universe emerged.

Just like a small seed ‘Hiranyagarbha” from which this complex universe came into being, from a single cell the entire nervous system comes into being.

Life2) In the process of birth the embryo in its prenatal state can also be compared to being in the same state of that of Narayana in cosmic waters. In a state of complete rest in a water bag of the mother’s womb. It’s after a child’s birth that his/her sensory organs become completely active. The five senses connected to the panchabhuta  through which this universe came into existence –  eyes/sight with fire,  ears/hearing with ether,  tongue/taste with water,  nose/smell with earth,  skin/touch with air (pg 26)  through which the manifest world is perceived by a child. Thus in the womb the birth process is comparable to the process of panchikaranam (pg 42) and it continues even after birth for a lifetime as it does for this entire universe.

3) The process of birth and death is comparable to the process of creation and dissolution as explained in the book (pg 43). After death the 4 elements merge back in creation just like after each cycle of creation. At such time the primordial elements (panchabhuta) revert in their 100% characteristic and are in their pure individual self.


4)I have often heard Gurudev say that it is one space that permeates an atom and the universe. It’s this space that connects us to the entire universe – The Shiva Tatva  (Story of Vishnu and Brahma page no. 35).  There is no beginning or an end of this space.

The “Anu” “atom” has inherited its properties from the creation. In this sense we are the offsprings of the one. Exhibiting different qualities based on our constitution. “Guna” or the nature of panch bhuta.(pg 68) . Also the Space inside us and outside us is one, which connects all of us. And ths is what the saints have been pronouncing over thousands of years and which is now being authenticated by modern scientists too.

person-meditatingThe way prescribed by the saints of our land to know the world within is by practicing meditation. In the meditative state of complete rest we are in union with the macrocosm the infinite space, the shiva tatva.

As the book rightly describes this approach has also been recommended in Ishavasya Upanishads (Pg 81)“This universe and creation is a mix of both the subtle and the gross, it is not enough to understand creation only from internal spiritual perspective or parallel only from material scientific perspective. A good healthy mix of both is essential to understand the Srishti or creation.”

Gratitude to the master for having introduced the spiritual dimension in life and to all the scientists/researchers of the modern world who continue to establish the spiritual experiences with material evidences. Making the journey complete.

The book on creation by Dr. DK Hari and Mrs.Hema Hari  is a fine collaboration of both these dimensions as it is a beautiful blend of the modern and the ancient knowledge. It enlivens the knowledge of the 5000 year old Vedas for the modern world with parallels of modern science.

Like the white light when it passes through the prism creates different effects in the same way this universe is a magnanimous display of that ONE alone.universe

“Yatha Pinde, Thatha Brahmande”- Knowing one definitely gives insight of the other.

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