A letter from Your Guddia to You Papa- A very Happy Birthday

Dearest Papa,
I can never fully express my love for you in words,  ever… I still keep making attempts for my own contentment 🙂
Though i have lived away from you after marriage, even for a moment, or for a breath, i have not forgotten to offer my gratitude towards God for having you as a Father and Mummy as a mother .
Your teachings continue to guide me, like the light coming through a tall light house does guide a ship through the thickest fogs and darkest nights, makes my sail steady and smooth always.
My experience differs from those who say that God is confined to the limits of the stone statues adorned in alters. And also from those who believe, that to be a saint,  you have to give up your worldly duties and resort to being on higher altitudes of physical space. As in the limited sphere of my understanding and learning, God reflects in his creations. And a Saint is one in whom he shines through more than in other beings. Like a mirror which reflects light in it’s totality, a saint’s inner faculties reflect though, even through his smallest mortal actions and behaviours, the pureness of consciousness more than it does in other beings .
And in my experience I have seen God reflecting through you all my childhood and I continue to see the saint shining in you ever since.
The remarkable strength of your character, the ability to be still through opposites, the laser sharpness of intellect and the sensitivity of a mother. The patience of a teacher and the objectivity of a scientist, the spiritual dept of a yogi and the playfulness of a child and your deep humble sweet voice. How could a name have matched a personality better!!
Now even more than before, after going around the world and experiencing so many flavours of life, that I have the maturity to cherish the worth of my invaluable gift that I was bestowed with, more and more. Blessed to be chosen as your daughter. 🙂
A Guru uncovers ignorance, a Guru raises you to a level where you acquire the inner abilities to recognise purity. The vision seems clearer than ever before and there are no clouds obstructing the light of the Sun, today. The fruits that are bestowed in my life are the results of the deeper roots that I have inherited. Believe me with my eyes closed and open I have always been grateful and thanked God!!
And I will continue to express no matter how many times i fail, thank you Papa, for being you.
May you continue to shine for hundred years and more adorning the world with your presence. It’s for creator’s creations as perfected as you, that the world looks more meaningful and beautiful.
Gratitude and love
Your Guddia

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