I stood by them one day, but I regret my decision today. What seemed like a ray of hope leaves me with only despair today! That spoken truth & those ideologies for change, are now being kicked far away and unmindfully being compromised. Those high principals that resonated in their voices and seemed their very foundation, haveContinue reading “#VoteWisely”

Don’t sleep yet, Or you may regret…!

Don’t sleep yet, Or you may regret… The sight will be magical When the first ray sings ‘that’ chronicle Like a bride she walked Of her wealth , they talked Ancient was her pride Glorious every stride … A blanket of dust covers the truth now To establish Dharma again, is Lord’s vow Though theContinue reading “Don’t sleep yet, Or you may regret…!”

Oh My GauSh!!

A Beautiful Journey..

Kishan Poddar

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! :)

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