The forth pillar, as shaky as it can get

He was glued to the television and I obviously thought he was enjoying the Doremon or the Chota Bheem, my 8 year old nephew. I was pretty surprised when my brother revealed to me that instead my nephew was hooked on to the 9pm prime time debate. As this show was anchored by his favorite character.
9pm debate and an eight year old, strange combination, isn’t it! But my nephew watches this show every single day without fail and it is pure entertainment for him. Is it like that for many of us?
The coolest hero, the anchor of this show is in no way lesser than Chota Bheem. Or a Super-Man, a Spider-Man or any-Man, like them all, he is a REAL LIFE SUPER HERO. He is always right and he is always victorious in every debate. His victory is pre-destined, as is of any Super-Hero, on the news hour. His and Didi’s persona makes me feel that Bengalis have special Horse power driving them. They should be crowned as “The Bengal Tigers”

And who can miss the amusing animations, the fire-work scrolls which compliments the show and add to the drama. Indian news channel can teach the world media, how to add colour and entertainment to news, so that even eight year olds can enjoy news, like my nephew does.

Rains may create big havocs in the World but this “Rain” (called Barkha in Hindi) with her power of words has left an exceptional mark on Indian media. She rains unconditionally everywhere and has proven her omni presence in media. With the power of some divine blessings upon her, she can prove whatever she likes as per her whims and fancies. Black as blue, India as intolerant, Modi as anti Muslims, Kanhiya as a Hero, World cultural festival as an environmental disaster.. she is beyond truth and the power of her words beyond facts. Anyways rains don’t discriminate they fall everywhere and so she is living only by her name.


Another one from their grand league is the “King of lamps”. Just like some lamp spread more smoke than light, some reporters spread more unrest than hope.

Let us also review what trends in print media these days..
– First four pages covers an inspirational story of a woman who killed her own daughter. What an amazing tale to inspire our younger generation to learn from. Come on kids start doubting your parents, be smart!
– When people receive awards they may not get recognition but when they return awards they show up as celebrities on front page of news.
– A group of mislead Youth break laws shout anti national slogans, they are covered on the front page as if they were some Heros.

The list goes on..


So is the 4th pillar acting as a pillar any more?  Is it giving strength to people or is it creating fear and doubt in people? Is it spreading hope? Is it arousing valour and patriotism in hearts of our youth? Is it acting responsibly and leading by example?
And if not, isn’t the 4th pillar of our constitution as shaky as it can get?

The message is
– Be Entertained but don’t be Fooled or Feared or Mislead by words of media persons.
– Find out if the news is fact or fictitious and do not go by it’s face value.

Anyways we all know the above by now, isn’t it!

Disclaimer- all characters in this article are fictitious any resemblance may be considered intentional only for fun sake.

For fun sake-


– For serious news switch from sick media to Social media.

– From breaking news to making news, let my country awake!

– Media’s gift to English dictionary – Saffron terror. Wonder what pink and blue terror would soon mean!

– God’s of media have announced Freedom of speech is supreme, swear freely!

– Media trends, who says discipline is important, look at us!!

– AAP की क़िस्मत हम लिखते है, literally!


Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

One comment

  1. Nice article.
    Really showing the present situation
    Bt want to correct something :
    The SUPERHERO host is not Bengali. He is from Assam.
    Not a perfect thing to be proud of though

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