Experiencing The World Culture Festival


The World Culture Festival was held on the 11, 12, & 13 of March. Its been a few days and yet we are unable to sink in the cultural extravagance, the magnanimity of the stage and the cheer of the crowd after every performance. Here, we are few of us from varied professions sharing our experiences of the event, an event which added new colours to our lives. lets read them…


Name- Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

Profession- Painter, Writer, Art Of Living Facilitator 

Attending the World Culture Festival (WCF) introduced a new dimension to my identification of being a patriot and an Indian. India is a land which embraces all cultures, religions and races as it’s very own. The deeper Vedic philosophy which is the very heart of our country propounds that there is “One” divinity in all beings. This philosophy came alive in the most magnificent way on the 7 acre stage of WCF.


Like in an Ocean all rivers merge, on the WCF stage merged cultures and art forms from around the whole world. Cultures were showcased by more than thirty thousand artists in their own unique and vibrant ways. Each performance was special, different and complete. What made it even more special were the spectators from 155 countries, millions of them applauding whole heartedly after each performance. That which got established on this stage was Love, the Spirit of brotherhood and that we are indeed  “One”, “One World Family”. WCF made me realise that being a true Indian means recognising One divinity in all beings and patriotism also means celebrating this diversity. Gurudev says broaden your vision and deepen your roots, which was my experience of WCF as my vision of the world expanded and my belief in our core Vedic philosophy deepened. A learning for life..

Seeing Gurudev in midst of storms, literally, through the three days of the festival. The media pouring negativity, the clouds pouring rain, international guests pouring from around the world, last minute permissions pouring, worries for the  well-being of millions of people pouring, challenges were pouring from all corners possible. But Gurudev stood firm and steady amidst all this.

Here are a few life enriching lessons I learnt from observing our leader:

– Many obstacles might come in the way of doing service but we must continue and not give up

– Those who criticise or oppose us should be dealt with patiently and with compassion even though we are right and they may be wrong

– In the end Truth is always victorious

– To selflessly serve till the very last breath

– Celebrate diversity and taking everyone along

– Being centred during all times

-This world is our family and we are responsible for it’s well being

– Dream big and work for the dream to manifest

Returned home from WCF with heightened spirit, enhanced enthusiasm and unshakable confidence to serve the World with Sri Sri.



Name – Rashi Kunal Modi

Profession – Anchor & Compere

Grandest. Highest. Finest. are the 3 words that come to my mind when i think about WCF 2016. I was tightly compartmentalized in my thinking was with regards to caste, creed, religion, colour. During WCF, walking, sitting, listening and enjoying the multiple cultures, languages, colours, religions, those compartments got erased. Yes, ERASED. and i feel free, secured, taken care of, more sesnse of belongingness to the world and an expanded and widened horizon of love. Every bit of WCF was incredibly neat, organized, easy, smooth and yet adventurous to the core. Rainbow, lightning, warmth, spectacular sight, vision broadening speeches and the most beautiful meditation – countless memories, countless moments of beauty and joy!!! Thank you Sri Sri

What I got back – sense of security and relief that i don’t have to change myself or world i have to simply co-exist with differences, celebrate diversity. Also, the I dissolved in ocean of WE

Message to India and World – Follow the wisdom of Sri Sri. you are done.



Name – Deepti Bhatia

Profession – Sales Head, Henkel


(Deepti Bhatia second from left, she had participated in Kathak dance )

My experience of the World Culture Festival 2016 was truly humbling! The majestic stage in front with artists and a sea of humanity all around, I felt like a miniscule drop in the ocean. Yet felt extremely fortunate to have been a part of this historic event. It was amazing to see Gurudev at his natural best whether it was meeting the dignitaries around him or addressing the audiences. Again, while witnessing it, I felt extremely lucky to have Gurudev in my life and so accessible whenever I have needed him. The way the event took place feels like a miracle. Nothing deterred the enthusiasm of the crowd – nor the rain, nor the cold, nor the long walks to and fro. I am humbled to see how one man with his love brings together people from all walks of life, from 165 countries and reigns our hearts with his message of peace, love and compassion. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. Gratitude for having the opportunity to participate in the kathak dance with 1700 other dances – to dance in front of my Master, our PM and 3.75 million people. It’s an unforgettable experience! Another learning experience was at the Global Leadership Forum, where I heard Gurudev inspiring the leaders from politics and corporate backgrounds. In his words, ‘ Only when there is chaos, can there be a leader, without chaos what is the point of having a leader!’

What I have got back –

I have got an understanding that love transcends all differences. I have experienced live that we are all connected and it is the power of spirituality that binds us all together. Honoring others without prejudice about their labels is what I take home. Serving humanity as my Master endlessly has been serving will be the commitment. It is time to share with others – the light which he has kindled within me.

My message to India and the World –

Life is beautiful and so are the people around! Let us celebrate our differences and unite to spread love and peace. The heart and breath knows no religion, caste or creed! We are one world family!


Name: Akhil Patel 
Profession: Filmmaker 


  1. The first thing that i felt after reaching the venue was a deep sense of wonder. The stage felt as if it is a full fledge display of His Avatar! How can something like this be even comprehended, keep aside implementation.
  2. After watching Him drench in the rain and standing on the stage ALL WET but still so enthusiastic made me feel so irrelevant at that point. At the same time it was the biggest inspiration i have had till date. Opened up a whole new dimension of being in selfless service.

May this body and mind be His instrument in all moments.



Name: Kunal Mehta

Profession: Photographer


As a photographer, you wait for that chance to capture a moment which will remain unforgettable for many years to come, you wait for that particular photograph which you see and say “That’s my best” and you wait for memory cards to fill up with beautiful pictures.

But what happens when you are given a chance to capture not a single moment but moments filled with grandness, each angle you take is itself is perfect and each photograph you click is (master’spiece). An event which will remain stored in my mind for ever and its pictures will keep reminding me of how grateful and lucky I am to have a Guru in my life.



Name- Rima Engineer

Profession-Cranio Sacral Therapist 

Picking a single moment of magnanimity is impossible


There is still an echo of Vedic chants.
My hands are still swaying to the melodious symphony
My mind gets still just by the thought of gurudevs meditation
My feet are still dancing to the beats of Sufi bharatnatyam tango Kathak garba bhangra and all the other dances
My eyes are still wet with love and gratitude and a little sadness of separating from my world family
I am still wonder struck by the celestial presentation of rain storm thunder wind and sunshine bringing out the best rainbow !
I am back home in some corner of Mumbai with more than just memories and experiences
My heart (DIL) is still sailing on the banks of Yamuna river somewhere in (Delhi)  DILLI

Love and only Love
Rima 🙂 :*



Name- Sukeerti Shukla

Profession- Corporate Trainer & Professor 

I remember bumping into a clairvoyant  sometime in February, who told me “you are gonna be a part of something very big”. And I exactly knew what he was talking about, it was WCF.

Starting to learn kathak 3 months back and then getting to give your first performance on a 7.5 acres stage with 1700 others dancers making it  a Guinness World Record!

Getting wet before your 1st performance and performing with wet clothes on wet stage may not be very pleasant but was definitely adventurous & will be remembered for a lifetime!

Something unimaginably magnanimous, colorful, diverse, grand, classy,beautiful,real yet so ethereal.

Yes, i was a part of it and will always be grateful for being one!

In His words experienced Heavens descending on Earth!

What next? 40 years of celebration !! Gurudev we are waiting!


Name- Aditi Shetty

Profession- Chartered Accountant 

World Culture Festival, 2016 was something that a normal human mind couldn’t have comprehended. It was mammoth, not just the visual of a gigantic 7-Acre stage that housed over 35000 performing artists but the coming together and the warmth of 3.75 million people from all around the world, displaying art, colour and love.
In our times, where all that you get to hear is how we, as a society, have failed everyday, this event was much needed to instill our faith in the goodness of people, to respect others ideologies, to learn about their culture and to exhibit ‘One World Family’ so beautifully and effortlessly.
I was lucky not just to have witnessed this event live but also to be a part of the Bharatnatyam dance with other 1700 dancers and soak myself in the powerful energy of Narendra Modi and many other National and International Delgates who spoke with so much vigour and in support of the thought that‪#‎WCF2016 stood for.

It’s been 3 days but I still cannot get over it. The magic was such. Let the borders that demarcate every nation, state and city remain only on the maps, not in our hearts smile emoticon

#WCF2016 ‪#‎ThankYouSriSri ‪#‎WhenTheWorldTourCameToUs



Name- Srishti Jhawar

Profession- Journalist, Network18

It’s 3:30 pm on 11th March 2016. Though I have lined up with thousand others to go on the stage, i haven’t let Facebook know ‘what’s on my mind’, haven’t told family or friends that’s i’ll be performing in some time, while i am mentally thinking if my hair is fine!  I was just feeling so incomplete. I was just hoping if someone could let me use their internet, cuz we had to leave our phones in the green room. And it begins to rain. There is gush in the clouds, and no one exactly knows what to do, how to feel about this.  Most of us were looking for a shade, and then suddenly we hear drums rolling, people jamming, Gujarat dancing on the tunes of Zimbabwe, Assam to the tunes of Himachal, Philippines to the tunes of Nepal. North met South, East met West and everyone I met was simply so happy and celebrating. This was it! A REAL welcome to all of us to the World Culture Festival. It just felt so complete being there. Nothing else mattered then. The sky, the stage, the people, the dignitaries, the roads, the endless walks, the 3 most amazing days… I am missing everything!


What I really liked was when a journalist claimed that WCF is Sri Sri’s private party. to which Gurudev said “ofcourse it’s a private party, the whole world is my family, and when one doesn’t want anything for oneself, everything else becomes his.”

A message has been sent that we are one world family. that we can co-exist with all our differences, love each other despite our diversities. There were internationals who couldn’t even understand the language HE spoke in and still they could hear his message. It is certified that we are all connected with that one thread, that Impossible is nothing, and love moves the world.


Name- M Bakiaraj

Profession- Engineer

The 3 days at the World Culture Festival were the most amazing days of my life. It’s just made me feel more happy and peaceful about the world. I have taken back truck loads of love, care for the entire world and believe that i am truly a part of this ‘one world family’ 🙂


Thank you


Published by vasuaol

Ms. Vasudha Jhunjhunwala holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. She is associated with the Art of Living since year 2000. Born and brought up in a pink city Jaipur, Rajasthan she currently resides in Amchi Mumbai with her family. For nearly a decade, Vasudha has inspired more than 10,000 youths with her teachings and social work. She has undertaken various projects and has been an instrument of change for its success. Juggling between home and work, in her spare time Vasudha likes to paint, write poems, learn music and play badminton. She is a Social Worker, Entrepreneur, State Coordinator of The Art of Living, Student of Sanskrit & Classical Music, Writer, Homemaker, Mother, Meditation Teacher, Public Speaker, Recipient of CSO-2014 award by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam and has travelled in 30 Countries. She is a quintessential deshbhakt. It is difficult to match her youthful Energy. Vasudha is extremely passionate about her initiatives. One of the most successful projects lead by her was the ‘Vote For a Better India’ - A campaign that facilitated the voter registration process and lead to 5 lakh citizens new voter registration across India in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. Bringing more awareness to the people in the community she began the initiative ‘Mind your Vehicle’ - A project to sensitize citizens towards traffic discipline with 2000 volunteers in Mumbai. The project saw good media coverage. She was also the founding member of ‘Save Aarey’ project. In this project more than 300 volunteers cleared 5-truck loads of garbage from Aarey colony. With an aim to instill a sense of responsibility and nationalism among the youth, she has spearheaded several initiatives that included women’s safety drives, blood donation drives, cleanliness drives at railway stations and sea-shores, health and hygiene awareness camps and others. Often people ask her what made her belief so strong to walk the spiritual path. She affirms that, “just like the light house guides the ship through darkness of night, our conscience guides us through decisions of life. For a smooth sail, just listen to it!” The drought in Maharashtra had led to an increasing number of farmer suicides and Vasudha decided to contribute towards River Rejuvenation Project in the state. She along with her team revived around 22kms of Manjara river. The river Manjara rejuvenation in Latur District benefited 5 lakh villagers in its vicinity. Vasudha was also a part of the Solar Lamp Project. She was the catalyst in the distribution of solar lamps to flood-hit villagers in Orissa during Fani. Her courage and valour gives her the skill to bring out the right perspective in every project she undertakes. Worry or Uncertainty are not words she rhymes with, Vasudha believes that’s Spiritual knowledge shields the flame of life from the winds of uncertainties. Vasudha is currently working on Project Pavitra. Since its inception this year, the project has imparted menstrual hygiene education to more than 2000 young girls in BMC schools and it aims to reach out to many more. She is also the founding member of SORT Club - Student's organization for Reform and Transformation. The club is now operational in 10 colleges in Mumbai. The project aims to remove the menace of substance abuse from the colleges of India. Vasudha is also working on a Happy Neighbourhood Project. The project aims to establish Happiness centers in societies to make societies stress-free. If you meet her once, you would know that she has a very charming, intuitive, and jovial personality, her ideas and thoughts are ahead of it’s time. Her ability to perceive something new and unique in every individual is what draws people to her company. She gives a very comfortable and cool vibe something young students connect to and find easy to talk and open up to her about their problems. Make impossible, possible is her mantra. Her sessions are filled with grit, humor, inspiration, and some awespiring wisdom. People feel rejuvenated, energetic, experience clarity of thoughts, immense love in their hearts after attending her Mind and Breathe Workshops. Mysteries of life intrigues her and even though she has traveled in 30 countries she found her best place within. She, by herself is a ‘Happiness Express’ moving swiftly on the spiritual path.

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