The phenomena called “DAR” or “FEAR”

A few days back, Shashwat, my 9 year old son, came to me and said “Mummy I don’t want to be alone in my room, I afraidcartoonam scared, please come and sit with me”. I tried to explain him that there was nothing to be scared of and there was no one else around him, other than himself but he refused to understand and I had to finally give up explaining him.
Later when I was sitting by myself I started to wonder, Why was Shashwat scared? What was the fear all about? He was in his own house, in his own room, then why..?? But then I recalled, when I was his age, I too felt the similar jittery feeling, if I was left alone, but why??!!
The flavours of fear have changed as we grew up, from not wanting to be alone to -Fear of future-Fear of loosing reputation-Fear of beingchickenfears wrong Etc etc. Innumerous fears bind us,  IT’S A LONG LIST and we can carry on and on and on. ..
What is this phenomena called “DAR” or “FEAR” that each of us experience! It would definitely be worth looking into this phenomena because fear can restrict our freedom, isn’t it!
Allow me to share with you an incident with which we could draw an analogy to reflect upon why Shashwat was afraid and also why we may be afraid in life.
The incident was as follows-
It’s a couple of years ago, when we were at our Bangalore Ashram for the Navaratri Pooja. On the last day of the week long Pooja there was Chandi Homa being performed. At the end of the Chandi Homa, Devi (divine energy) was being worshiped in her different forms. Also in form of Animals. Among oth
unnamed (1)er Animals who were invited for this ceremony was also Indrani (a female elephant who lives in ashram) .
To everybody’s wonder Indrani who is otherwise a well behaved obedient elephant on entering the Yagya shala (Pooja hall) suddenly became violent and retrieved backwards making a loud sound. She was immediately taken out of Yagya Shala. Everyone was taken aback by this unusual behaviour of Indrani as this had never happened ever before.
Something that no one noticed, Gurudev did (just like he always does), the reason for Indrani’s unusual behaviour. And he immediately asked the camera men to switch off their display screens. And then Indrani was once again called in the Yagya Shala. This time everything went smooth, she was her sweet obedient self again. And the entire Pooja concluded with all the sacred rituals.
But this incident made everyone think, What had happened to Indrani?  what was she so fearful about?? No one knew!!!
Later that evening in Satsang Gurudev explained the reason- “Indrani saw her own image on the screen and got scared of her own form” . She had no clue that she was looking at her own self and her majestic form scared her. Yes! An elephant is not aware of his/her own form. They don’t know how big they are. Wow! That can surely be scary, an encounter with oneself, especially when you don’t know how massive you are, isn’t it!!
So could that also mean, that we also experience fear because we don’t know our real self? Because we don’t know how massive we are?
Yes! We are unaware of our real self and that is the basic cause of fear in our lives. If I wasn’t on the spiritual path I would never be able to comprehend this.
As we grow older the flavour of fear changes because now we are grown up and we realise we are stronger than before but only to a limited extend.Because that which we recognise as ourself is limited, the limited gross body only. The body which is inert and perishable we identify with only that and so remain fearful throughout our lives.
Being on the spiritual path can grow us in strength and eliminate the cause of fear. An encounter with the real self and we get to know how magnanimous we are, all kind of fear can vanish from life. It’s when we grow in ‘that’ aspect of us which is indestructible the very reason for fear drops, naturally.
The irony lies in the fact that Indrani would never know how powerful she is and we too can remain ignorant towards our real fear_is_our_life_partner_888385strength and remain in the shadow of fear, for a lifetime and more.
But there is a sure short way to overcome all fear in life.  Meditation can wake us up to the reality of what we really are. And we as humans are gifted to have access to a solution.
In this sense the real growth for Shashwat would be when he discovers  himself and wakes up to his own strength. And then he will never feel afraid of being alone anywhere in this world…
And for you!!!
Just for fun!!
You might relate being in one of these situations if you have encountered this ghost called fear-
“Will you marry me”? What if she says no?? My life will be a hell without HER!!!!! OMG
“What if I don’t Pass a second time”? My entire future depends on this one?? How will I show my face to my Parent!!!! OMG
Office worker with 'Conquer you fear of public speaking' pack containing automatic weapon.fearfailure1629 -fear-of-success-cartoon
“I have never faced such a big crowd  ever before, what if I fumble”? What will they think about me ?? Everyone will laugh at me!!! OMG
MEDITATION is a MEDICATION for CHILAXation! So Meditate and Chilax bhai.. Mountain Dew won’t really help!! ;))

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Ms. Vasudha Jhunjhunwala holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. She is associated with the Art of Living since year 2000. Born and brought up in a pink city Jaipur, Rajasthan she currently resides in Amchi Mumbai with her family. For nearly a decade, Vasudha has inspired more than 10,000 youths with her teachings and social work. She has undertaken various projects and has been an instrument of change for its success. Juggling between home and work, in her spare time Vasudha likes to paint, write poems, learn music and play badminton. She is a Social Worker, Entrepreneur, State Coordinator of The Art of Living, Student of Sanskrit & Classical Music, Writer, Homemaker, Mother, Meditation Teacher, Public Speaker, Recipient of CSO-2014 award by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam and has travelled in 30 Countries. She is a quintessential deshbhakt. It is difficult to match her youthful Energy. Vasudha is extremely passionate about her initiatives. One of the most successful projects lead by her was the ‘Vote For a Better India’ - A campaign that facilitated the voter registration process and lead to 5 lakh citizens new voter registration across India in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. Bringing more awareness to the people in the community she began the initiative ‘Mind your Vehicle’ - A project to sensitize citizens towards traffic discipline with 2000 volunteers in Mumbai. The project saw good media coverage. She was also the founding member of ‘Save Aarey’ project. In this project more than 300 volunteers cleared 5-truck loads of garbage from Aarey colony. With an aim to instill a sense of responsibility and nationalism among the youth, she has spearheaded several initiatives that included women’s safety drives, blood donation drives, cleanliness drives at railway stations and sea-shores, health and hygiene awareness camps and others. Often people ask her what made her belief so strong to walk the spiritual path. She affirms that, “just like the light house guides the ship through darkness of night, our conscience guides us through decisions of life. For a smooth sail, just listen to it!” The drought in Maharashtra had led to an increasing number of farmer suicides and Vasudha decided to contribute towards River Rejuvenation Project in the state. She along with her team revived around 22kms of Manjara river. The river Manjara rejuvenation in Latur District benefited 5 lakh villagers in its vicinity. Vasudha was also a part of the Solar Lamp Project. She was the catalyst in the distribution of solar lamps to flood-hit villagers in Orissa during Fani. Her courage and valour gives her the skill to bring out the right perspective in every project she undertakes. Worry or Uncertainty are not words she rhymes with, Vasudha believes that’s Spiritual knowledge shields the flame of life from the winds of uncertainties. Vasudha is currently working on Project Pavitra. Since its inception this year, the project has imparted menstrual hygiene education to more than 2000 young girls in BMC schools and it aims to reach out to many more. She is also the founding member of SORT Club - Student's organization for Reform and Transformation. The club is now operational in 10 colleges in Mumbai. The project aims to remove the menace of substance abuse from the colleges of India. Vasudha is also working on a Happy Neighbourhood Project. The project aims to establish Happiness centers in societies to make societies stress-free. If you meet her once, you would know that she has a very charming, intuitive, and jovial personality, her ideas and thoughts are ahead of it’s time. Her ability to perceive something new and unique in every individual is what draws people to her company. She gives a very comfortable and cool vibe something young students connect to and find easy to talk and open up to her about their problems. Make impossible, possible is her mantra. Her sessions are filled with grit, humor, inspiration, and some awespiring wisdom. People feel rejuvenated, energetic, experience clarity of thoughts, immense love in their hearts after attending her Mind and Breathe Workshops. Mysteries of life intrigues her and even though she has traveled in 30 countries she found her best place within. She, by herself is a ‘Happiness Express’ moving swiftly on the spiritual path.

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