What it really means to have a Guru…

Working for Volunteer for better India has opened a new dimension in my life. And I feel, I am just starting to explore, what it really means to have a Guru and the strength that I carry, as a devotee.

As we all know VBI has been initiated by Gurudev with a vision for a JUST, Peaceful and Prosperous nation .

 5,000 Kg Dry garbage removed from Aarey in less than 2 hours-
A VBI environment initiative
Aarey Newsletter
2000 volunteers came together for Road safety –
Mind your vehicle a VBI’s traffic awareness project.
     BOMBAY JAZZ hi res
( For more VBI Mumbai news- http://www.vbimumbai.org/vfabi/pastactivity)
While working for VBI projects we did not depend on logic. Faith drove us all the way .We did not wait for resources, people or any support to come to us first, we kept walking into the unknown deeper and deeper, as if into the  blinding darkness. But we knew and we were, being carried and protected all throughout. Never before did I feel more comfortable being in the unknown.
We walked one step and 100’s of people joined us. Imposible was being achieved effortlessly.Out of nothing everything was being created, it was truly magical!!
It was unfolding so beautifully! As if, the power of Guru’s will was just starting to come alive, and  in the process I was also realising the powers that a devotee is gifted with .Just like when Hanuman wrote Ram Ram( his master’s name) on the stones and threw in water, against the laws of nature, the stones floated.
We were also being bestowed with infinite strength and this could have been only experienced because we were being Guru’s instrument, and working for a greater vision.
Not having found a Satguru or shall I reframe and say, not having a Satguru find you, could be the greatest misfortune of ones life. Otherwise how does one explore the hightest possiblity of being in a human form?
It would be like owning a BMW or a Rolls-Royce, but not having learnt to drive it and not finding anyone else to drive it too!
 Or it can be compared to being in a rocket which has not learnt to cross the threshold of gravity.
rocket 2
There can only be a limited understanding of life. Limited to the extent of where logic or intellect can take.
A Guru can guide us beyond, much beyond the sphere of our imagination. He can make us meet the Stars, the Sun and the Moon.

But why do we need a “Guru” to take us there?
We all know the law of marginal utility don’t we? Only if the senses could make us eternally blissful, gulab Jamuns would have been enough to do the job, Isn’t it 🙂

To explore the highest possibility that we are, we have to learn from an expert. Only the one who has found the treasure can lead us to it, as there are infinite possibilities of being lost on the way without a guide. Guru knows the exact patch.Following his footprint, learning right directions from his words of wisdom, makes the path so easy and so much fun. That is how one discovers being bliss. (Bliss- a noun not a verb)
With a Guru to guide him Hanuman could even raise a mountain, he could float stones on water. And we could meet the hiding Hanuman is us..

Such is the glory of being a devotee, of the one who has a master, a Guru. It is indeed the greatest fortune, the greatest gift and the only goal 🙂

And even after so many years of being on the path I still feel, that I am just starting to explore, what it really means to have a Guru…

Jai Gurudev

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