Vigyan Bhairav – As I understood, just a little bit..

Attending the recent discourse on Vigyan Bhairav with Gurudev in Mumbai was like unveiling infinity. Vigyan Bhairav is the science of Consciousness or Shiva. The fact that there is so much to discover in existence got reiterated. So much so that we can never say ‘we know it all’ or ever get bored of learning this remarkable science.

Vigyan Bhairav started with Intellect or “Devi” asking “Shiva” or the eternal space a question – “What are the ways that I can be in a state like yours?” But why is the intellect wishing to be in a state like that of Shiva/space? And what is the state of space after all?

Let’s reflect upon what is space first. Space is and space is not. We cannot explain what space is in words and it’s presence cannot be denied also. The absence of material is space but inside material is also space. Everything emerges from space and everything dissolves in space. Space is nothing/zero and space is everything/infinite. The fifth element space is most mystical and has baffled scientists for time immemorial. Shiva is the space, it is the consciousness.

While Devi or Shakti is the Intellect. Intellect thrives on manifest which is – measurable. It relies on the organs of perception. All that is logical, expressible, understandable is in the domain of the intellect. Is it that the intellect has become tired of being busy and it’s now seeking to be in rest like Shiva? After all, a matured intellect does look for something permanent. Gurudev said that it’s then that higher questions arise in us like-  ‘Who am I’, ‘What is the purpose of life’ …etc.  I assume, Devi is stressed of overworking and she may be quite jealous of her husband being in an eternal state of siesta and so she finally asks Shiva this question, just Kidding! 🙂 It would surely be worth knowing the secret of Shiva’s blissful state, so let’s read along….

Gurudev revealed the secret- like a small eye can hold the vast sky and a small mirror can capture a huge elephant, the human intellect can also withhold infinity. And then impossible start happening…In the scripture 112 techniques are mentioned those were given by Shiva to Devi for being in a blissful state like his. Here are a few techniques Gurudev shared with us-

1) Gurudev said – “Waiting can lead to Meditation”

Waiting can either lead to frustration or it can lead to meditation. Often when we are waiting we get restless or frustrated. But the space around us waits forever and waits for nothing really. Waiting for nothing is meditation. Meditation is enlivening and rejuvenating. So wait but for nothing to be in a state like Shiva.

2) Akshar (a letter) can be used to settle the mind.

A letter example “ka” if spoken mentally can be spoken forever. But it must be disconnected with breath and must be spoken internally for it to be continuous. Do it and see.Continue long enough…. Did you observe that after a while the mind becomes blank? Akshar spoken mentally can calm the agitated mind and carry us to space like nothingness.

3) The way to overcome worries-

Let’s see what a worry is? Worry is a continuous flow of connected thoughts. Like a whirlpool, it can drown us in it. Gurudev shared a way in which we can move out of worry. The thought which is a worry should be expanded. Like if the thought is -I hate him, elongate it to -I……….H…..A……..T…….E…..H…..I…..M. You will start laughing at the same thought. It works, you must try!

4) An effort for the impossible and 100% action.

Gurudev asked us, can we speak letter “Ka” without “aa”. We all tried and failed. Because it is impossible to say ka without aa. But what’s amazing is in the effort to say “ka” without “aa” flow of thoughts cease, what remains is effort alone. Being 100% in action can also keep us free like space is.

5) Gurudev made us do the chakit (Wonderment) mundra. He said that the diversity in the creation is so that we can be in constant amazement. Like kids are. In amazement questions disappear,  wonderment takes over. I felt an upward movement of energy while doing this mundra. In wonderment heart is full and head is empty space like.

Participants doing – ‘Chakit Mudra’

6) Remembering that everything is a lie.

When obstacles in life come they seem to be permanent. This makes us miserable. We forget the many challenges of our life in the past. Where are those events now? Like a dream they are all over, isn’t it? Everything is a lie Including this body as it’s temporary. Bringing into awareness that everything is a lie there is nothing that the mind can hold on to. Remembering this all burdens from the mind drop, even space holds on to nothing.

7) Ego for achieving impossible can lead us there.

Wanting to achieve the impossible is like wishing to achieve the highest. Like climbing the Mount Everest. But once the ego achieves the impossible, beyond the achievement it has nothing more to do. Then it ultimately rests. Gurudev says achievers are rested, but those still in the run may be aggressive. Space is rested, always.

8) Filling positivity with the power of thought.

Thoughts have great power. So much so that a single thought can even lift a body of 100 kilos and reach it to a place of that thought. Gurudev said, then why not use the same power of thought to know that the outer and inner spaces are filled with positivity and bliss.

Over the three days, Gurudev shared with us many simple and complex techniques. My synopsis of them all is that – when we forget our true nature, which is space like unbounded and internal, we become miserable. A reminder can get us out of this misery of life. That we are much bigger than all fleeting events, remembering this gives us strength and make us peaceful again. Using the methods shared by Gurudev in Vigyan Bhairav is like using the refresh button on the laptop. Instantly we can become blank and new like the space. Or be like Nandi, the bull, who keeps his gaze fixed on Shiva.

Actually by habit we do quite the opposite. Negativity catches our attention first. Let’s make a new habit and paste a board in the Heart- “Shiva resting, trespassing punishable.” 🙂

Gurudev narrated the story of Samudra Manthan. When Devas and Danavas performed Samundra manthan first poison came out. Shiva drank the poison and kept it in his throat and his throat became blue. That’s why Shiva is also called Neelkanth. Shiva did not let the poison seep deeper in his heart. This is symbolic for us to learn to save our heart at any cost. We cannot be goodie-goodie and may need to criticize sometimes, but let it be from the throat region, from the surface, and not from the depth of the heart.

Vigyan is Vishesh Gyan, special knowledge. Gurudev decoded this precious knowledge and downloaded it for us to experience. Making Vigyan Bhairav discourse an unforgettable experience. People from all walks of life came for this discourse, there were doctors, lawyers, scientists, students, homemakers, CEOs, politician, film stars,  five thousand five hundred of them but all went back with common feelings – expanded, elevated and more peaceful than before. Which proves Vigyan Bhairav is universal and an absolute science.

Prostrations at the feet of Gurudev for this invaluable gift.

In Service,

Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

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