Knowing our farmers

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Happy Farmers would mean Happy Us.

Food is the basic building block of our life. But when was it, the last time that you attended to the quality of food that you were consuming! It is said the vibrations in the food we consume contributes to our health directly.   “जेसा अन्न वेसा मन”

We may be buying the most expensive food from the market but that does not ensure positive vibrations in it, which can give us good health.  As Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says -“Only when the provider of the food, our AnnaData, is happy can we be happy.

But is the provider of our food, our farmer, really Happy? And do we really care to know!

In the last 6 month more than six hundred farmers have committed suicide in Maharastra. NCRB has claimed to have recorded more than 2.9 lakh farmer suicides in India since 1995.  More facts on suicides can be read here

Isn’t it time that we find out why this is happening and how we can help! Those hands which tirelessly worked through day and night, through floods and draught, for us are calling us for some care..

It’s time, we must reach out and attend to them for our own Happiness and Contentment. Else the plates of our future generations may remain empty. As even those who have hoarded wealth cannot eat gold for food or consume currency to quench hunger. The wealthy of the wealthiest and the richer of the richest are depend on  अन्नदाता, the provider, our farmer for their food.

Let’s remember to pray for them before our meals-

“अन्नदाता सुखी भवा”

Happy Farmers/Happy Us

Let’s do our bit.

Jai Hind
Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

Krishival is a much needed initiative of our time – Know more about them on their Krishival Facebook page

Come and view the Art of living project dedicated for the upliftment of farmers with us – Jal Jagruti Abhiyaan  on 4th-5th-6th   December 

You can connect on +919967446999 for more details on the trip. To know more about Jal Jagriti Abhiyaan, you can visit their page Jal Jagriti Abhiyaan

A short video educating us about the project and the farmers by Akhil Patel, narrated by farmer Mahadev Gomare, an organic farmer expert. Do have a look!

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