The Guru Poornima Full Moon


From the fullness of the Sun emerges the fullness of the Moon,

From the fullness of an Ocean emerges the fullness of a River,

From the fullness of the Seed emerges the fullness of a Flower,

From the fullness of God emerges the fullness of Guru,

From the fullness of a Guru emerges the fullness of a Devotee,

From the fullness of a devotee emerges the fullness of Life.

To the tradition of masters for reaching us this fullness of existence, I bow down to pay my highest regards, this Guru Poornima day.

In the lotus feet of my master with Gratitude-

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We feel extremely fortunate that we got the privilege of celebrating this Guru Poornima in the physical presence of Gurudev in Montreal Ashram


Our Ashram in Montreal is by a lake in the middle of a deep forest. It is a delight to be in such serene and quite ambience away from the hustle bustle of the mundane world and dive deep into silence.


Every year on the Guru Poornima day Gurudev asks us to look back on the previous year and reflect on the inner growth on the spiritual path. It’s a wonder how full we feel each year! The feeling remains the same – That there wasn’t any more that we could have received with his infinite blessings, guidance and grace. Yet the Fullness inside us keeps growing, year after year and we keep receiving more and more and more.. So much so that we cannot even contain. And so tears well up in gratitude, the throat chokes up and words fall short..


Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

(Photographs curtesy Siddharth Jhunjhunwala)

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