In Between..


In ßetween words, is silence
In ßetween silence, is truth

In ßetween events, are emotions
In ßetween emotions, is poetry

In ßetween desires, is contentment
In ßetween contentment, is gratitude

In ßetween action, is rest
In ßetween rest, is surrender

In ßetween sorrow, is happiness
In ßetween happiness, is bliss

In ßetween matter, is space
In ßetween space, is creation

In ßetween failure, is success
In ßetween success, is dispassion

In ßetween challenge, is prayer
In ßetween prayer, is longing

In ßetween logic, is faith
In ßetween faith, is “the” strength

In ßetween greed, is service
In ßetween service, is love

In ßetween death, is life
In ßetween life, is immortality

The purpose is in ßetween….


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