Not a Movie Review

Are you thinking of Watching the movie ‘Jolly LLB ‘? I would say ,Please do!!


I am happy that finally values like truthfulness , righteousness and honesty are being glorified again in movies like ‘Jolly LLB’ .

Movies have always had a very strong impact on me. I still remember the first time, I saw the movie ‘Gandhi’,  for days it had instilled the Desh Bhakt feeling in me. Movies have the potential to form strong public opinions about different topics .

But I think , a new trend started around the late  80’s  wherein qualities such  aggression , violence ,revenge and anger were associated with heroism.

Are these qualities really life supporting and heroic ? Wasn’t tolerance,acceptance, honesty, love, compassion, forgiveness etc the values that were  propounded to us by elders in our childhood..

I think it’s nice to sometimes stop and introspect which way are we going, what are the seeds that we are sowing. Isn’t the society we live in today a make of our own choices..?!
And if the answer is yes, than should we not make more informed choices .

I was happy with the ending of the movie. ‘Arshad Warsi’ who was playing  ‘Jolly LLB’  ; the role of an ordinary small town struggling lawyer,  who took the courage of being different, and listening to his conscience and supported the truth , wins in the end. Over ‘ Bomen Irani’ who played an expert , reputed, super intelligent , well established , stinking rich and  manipulative lawyer .

Today, the world is not filled with the brightest shades from the palette that life can offer . And the picture looks grim and shady with very little hope. But a few bright hues,splashed on the canvas can take away the gloominess from the picture

I thought Jolly LLB is one such movie which re instills hope and positivity that change is possible… And truth always has a chance…

Congratulation to the whole team and director Subhash Kapoor for conceptualizing a story which reaffirms true heroic values .

P.S. There is more to the movie than it’s End, so don’t think I have revealed anything , just go and watch 🙂

Jolly watching ‘Jolly LLB’

– Vasudha

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