Jal Jagruti Abhiyaan

“We have pain in our body, because the farmer has tears in his eyes” –Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
The visit to Latur in December last year was like my right hand meeting with my left hand. As more than half of Indian population still lives in rural areas and life in a city like Mumbai can be quite a contrast from the life in a village, the visit to Latur was experiencing this contrast and like meeting my left hand.

Our train left from Dadar station at 9.30 pm for Latur and we reached around 6 am in the morning. All of us were excited to experience what the day had in store for us. Makarand ji, our YLTP Maharashtra In-charge, took us around to view the JJA project. He was a great host and gave us a modest example of hospitality in Latur.

Finally we reach Latur!

Finally we reach Latur!

Latur is a small town with a population of about 3 lakhs. One straight road within 5 min reaches you to the extreme corners of the town. Unfortunately there was only 398 mm of rainfall last year against an average of 600 mm received every year. Because of which people here would receive water from Municipality only once in 15 days. The Kharif crops had failed due to drought.

In Maharastra Extreme drought conditions are being faced  in 3 Districts i.e Latur, Osmanabad & Beed. Where 350 farmers have committed suicide in 2015. All through the month of September, leading newspapers in Maharashtra covered stories of Farmers committing suicide every single day. What a shame, that in the last 70 years after independence our villagers, still don’t have basic resources.

“In Parched Maharashtra, 11 – year old dies fetching water in Maharastra”. Read the full article here

Haven’t we gone wrong somewhere? All of us know that human civilizations emerged on the banks of rivers. As water was needed for living a settled life. But a lot of our water bodies in India, today have dried up or have been polluted. Is this evolution of a civilization! Shouldn’t each of us care for our environment and these sources of life? Few basic questions must  be reflected upon if we wish for our civilizations to sustain and flourish in future.

The good news is that a you-turn is possible and there still is hope. Jal Jagruti Abhiyaan(JJA) is one such ray of hope. JJA was launched in February 2013. JJA is a long-term & scientific solution for river rejuvenation in India without any requirement of land acquisition. Since its inception 12 rivers have been rejuvenated with the help of volunteers along with the people of Maharashtra which brings in ownership for the project. With work in progress on river Manajra in main District Latur which is completely dried up due to silt formation and vegetation growth.

Makarand ji helped us understand why JJA is a long term solution for this problem.This is what we saw and learned –

First we visited the Rena river project-Renapur village has a population of about 15,000-20,000. The main crops grown are soybean, chana, Jowar & sugarcane.  A stretch of 4 km with a depth of 7m has been successful rejuvenated with support and monetary contributions from villagers. Due to lack of rainfall this year there has been great scarcity of water in Renapur. Despite this, when we interacted with farmers from Renapur village, they were happy about the JJA project being carried out this year. The project has helped them to get their produce from Kharif crops this season. Even though the returns received was not 100%, the farmers spirit was high because they could at least cultivate one season crop successfully, unlike other farmers in the area. They are hopeful of recovering their complete investment on the JJA project within next one year.

Rena River

Rena River


On further interaction we also got to know that these farmers had never seen this river flowing with water for their entire lifetime and they were very satisfied with the work. A major part of the monetary contributions was used up for the transportation of cotton soil removed from the river to their farms. Because of the cotton soil being transported and put into barren land more than 100 acres of added land became cultivable and fertile, which was an added boon for the farmers in this area.

Plantation around Rena River

Plantation around Rena River

Shivraj ji, one of farmers and traders of Renapur village, shared -“something was better than nothing. The major issue faced by us of water shortage every year has been resolved”. 500 farmers and their families have been benefited by JJA project in this stretch. They were able to get good price from the Market. Farmers had wished to rejuvenate the river for many years but they didn’t know how. JJA project provided this knowledge, financial & moral support to execute.

Farmers being interviewed around Rena

Farmers being interviewed around Rena

Second we visited Gajpur Nala a stretch of 3 km with depth of 4 meter. Small Nalas connect to make a small river and small rivers connect to make a bigger river which further joins with an ocean. GajpurNala is one such small stream passing through the village Gajpur. It was amazing to see the bio diversity which has come around this Nala. Not only humans but all life flourishes around water bodies.

Gajpur - Biodiversity!

Gajpur – Biodiversity!

Third visit was at the Taverja River which connects to the main river, Manjra, a stretch of 15km -2 mtr depth has been rejuvenated. We also meditated for the well being of our farmers sitting on the dam.

River Tavarja - The dried up part

River Tavarja – The dried up part

“In the past 3 years we have removed silt from 80 km stretch in rivers/nalla’s across 40 villages. Have seen dramatic increase in groundwater level in these villages, thus the lives of more than 1 lakh villagers has improved”- JJA Spokesperson

These projects have been successfully taken up by Art of living and the farmers in these areas. And they are an example of the bright possibilities in the direction.

River Tavarja - Rejuvenated by AOL foundation

River Tavarja – Rejuvenated by AOL foundation

According to World Bank “Migration in India 2007-08” report (June 2010), Around 3000 to 4000 people migrate from rural to urban area for search of livelihood every single day all over India. They reside on foot path in Urban Areas without any means of livelihood for years. Employment seems to be the most important reason for migration. Some 67 percent of migrant households in urban areas and 55 percent in rural areas reported migrating for employment-related reasons.


Art of Living Tavarja river rejuvenation

This migration must stop. Only if our farmers can be provided water, they can be self-reliant and live in peace in their villages.
To rejuvenate and connect all rivers of India, yes, it’s a challenging job but it is possible. Viewing the JJA project in our visit to Latur has given us bright hope in this direction. The farmers of our country are not paupers; they don’t need free pennies from government for survival. Empower them with basic resources and they are capable of producing gold from our soil. Yes! Then our farmers can be the architects of a prosperous India. The river rejuvenation project has the power to make our farmers prosperous and self-reliant.
Join us in our work of Jal Jagruti. Lot remains to be done.

From Ganga in Rishikesh to Brahmaputra in Guwahati, it is pathetic to see so much sewage being let into the rivers. Government must act now. – Sri Sri

Ongoing project status- *Manjara river rejuvenation project, Latur* river work length – 18 KM estimated expenses -7.5 Cr. Collected nearly 4 Cr from everyone in Latur, 1.25 Cr from CSR and other donations

Need to raise more 2.25Cr

Project completion deadline 31st May

How can you contribute?

>Donate in cash (friends & family)

>Donate in kind (machinery)

>Corporate CSR connect

>By Prayers -“Annadata Sukhibhava”

To donate for this cause- Bank name ICICI, A/C No : 037601000060, IFSC No: ICIC0000376

Account Name: VVKI Maharashtra Apex Body

(Please send transaction details or scanned bank slip to accounts.mh@vvki.net)


Know more:

Let’s together work to make India prosperous.


Jai Hind!

Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

The forth pillar, as shaky as it can get

He was glued to the television and I obviously thought he was enjoying the Doremon or the Chota Bheem, my 8 year old nephew. I was pretty surprised when my brother revealed to me that instead my nephew was hooked on to the 9pm prime time debate. As this show was anchored by his favorite character.
9pm debate and an eight year old, strange combination, isn’t it! But my nephew watches this show every single day without fail and it is pure entertainment for him. Is it like that for many of us?
The coolest hero, the anchor of this show is in no way lesser than Chota Bheem. Or a Super-Man, a Spider-Man or any-Man, like them all, he is a REAL LIFE SUPER HERO. He is always right and he is always victorious in every debate. His victory is pre-destined, as is of any Super-Hero, on the news hour. His and Didi’s persona makes me feel that Bengalis have special Horse power driving them. They should be crowned as “The Bengal Tigers”

And who can miss the amusing animations, the fire-work scrolls which compliments the show and add to the drama. Indian news channel can teach the world media, how to add colour and entertainment to news, so that even eight year olds can enjoy news, like my nephew does.

Rains may create big havocs in the World but this “Rain” (called Barkha in Hindi) with her power of words has left an exceptional mark on Indian media. She rains unconditionally everywhere and has proven her omni presence in media. With the power of some divine blessings upon her, she can prove whatever she likes as per her whims and fancies. Black as blue, India as intolerant, Modi as anti Muslims, Kanhiya as a Hero, World cultural festival as an environmental disaster.. she is beyond truth and the power of her words beyond facts. Anyways rains don’t discriminate they fall everywhere and so she is living only by her name.


Another one from their grand league is the “King of lamps”. Just like some lamp spread more smoke than light, some reporters spread more unrest than hope.

Let us also review what trends in print media these days..
– First four pages covers an inspirational story of a woman who killed her own daughter. What an amazing tale to inspire our younger generation to learn from. Come on kids start doubting your parents, be smart!
– When people receive awards they may not get recognition but when they return awards they show up as celebrities on front page of news.
– A group of mislead Youth break laws shout anti national slogans, they are covered on the front page as if they were some Heros.

The list goes on..


So is the 4th pillar acting as a pillar any more?  Is it giving strength to people or is it creating fear and doubt in people? Is it spreading hope? Is it arousing valour and patriotism in hearts of our youth? Is it acting responsibly and leading by example?
And if not, isn’t the 4th pillar of our constitution as shaky as it can get?

The message is
– Be Entertained but don’t be Fooled or Feared or Mislead by words of media persons.
– Find out if the news is fact or fictitious and do not go by it’s face value.

Anyways we all know the above by now, isn’t it!

Disclaimer- all characters in this article are fictitious any resemblance may be considered intentional only for fun sake.

For fun sake-


– For serious news switch from sick media to Social media.

– From breaking news to making news, let my country awake!

– Media’s gift to English dictionary – Saffron terror. Wonder what pink and blue terror would soon mean!

– God’s of media have announced Freedom of speech is supreme, swear freely!

– Media trends, who says discipline is important, look at us!!

– AAP की क़िस्मत हम लिखते है, literally!


Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

Experiencing The World Culture Festival


The World Culture Festival was held on the 11, 12, & 13 of March. Its been a few days and yet we are unable to sink in the cultural extravagance, the magnanimity of the stage and the cheer of the crowd after every performance. Here, we are few of us from varied professions sharing our experiences of the event, an event which added new colours to our lives. lets read them…


Name- Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

Profession- Painter, Writer, Art Of Living Facilitator 

Attending the World Culture Festival (WCF) introduced a new dimension to my identification of being a patriot and an Indian. India is a land which embraces all cultures, religions and races as it’s very own. The deeper Vedic philosophy which is the very heart of our country propounds that there is “One” divinity in all beings. This philosophy came alive in the most magnificent way on the 7 acre stage of WCF.


Like in an Ocean all rivers merge, on the WCF stage merged cultures and art forms from around the whole world. Cultures were showcased by more than thirty thousand artists in their own unique and vibrant ways. Each performance was special, different and complete. What made it even more special were the spectators from 155 countries, millions of them applauding whole heartedly after each performance. That which got established on this stage was Love, the Spirit of brotherhood and that we are indeed  “One”, “One World Family”. WCF made me realise that being a true Indian means recognising One divinity in all beings and patriotism also means celebrating this diversity. Gurudev says broaden your vision and deepen your roots, which was my experience of WCF as my vision of the world expanded and my belief in our core Vedic philosophy deepened. A learning for life..

Seeing Gurudev in midst of storms, literally, through the three days of the festival. The media pouring negativity, the clouds pouring rain, international guests pouring from around the world, last minute permissions pouring, worries for the  well-being of millions of people pouring, challenges were pouring from all corners possible. But Gurudev stood firm and steady amidst all this.

Here are a few life enriching lessons I learnt from observing our leader:

– Many obstacles might come in the way of doing service but we must continue and not give up

– Those who criticise or oppose us should be dealt with patiently and with compassion even though we are right and they may be wrong

– In the end Truth is always victorious

– To selflessly serve till the very last breath

– Celebrate diversity and taking everyone along

– Being centred during all times

-This world is our family and we are responsible for it’s well being

– Dream big and work for the dream to manifest

Returned home from WCF with heightened spirit, enhanced enthusiasm and unshakable confidence to serve the World with Sri Sri.



Name – Rashi Kunal Modi

Profession – Anchor & Compere

Grandest. Highest. Finest. are the 3 words that come to my mind when i think about WCF 2016. I was tightly compartmentalized in my thinking was with regards to caste, creed, religion, colour. During WCF, walking, sitting, listening and enjoying the multiple cultures, languages, colours, religions, those compartments got erased. Yes, ERASED. and i feel free, secured, taken care of, more sesnse of belongingness to the world and an expanded and widened horizon of love. Every bit of WCF was incredibly neat, organized, easy, smooth and yet adventurous to the core. Rainbow, lightning, warmth, spectacular sight, vision broadening speeches and the most beautiful meditation – countless memories, countless moments of beauty and joy!!! Thank you Sri Sri

What I got back – sense of security and relief that i don’t have to change myself or world i have to simply co-exist with differences, celebrate diversity. Also, the I dissolved in ocean of WE

Message to India and World – Follow the wisdom of Sri Sri. you are done.



Name – Deepti Bhatia

Profession – Sales Head, Henkel


(Deepti Bhatia second from left, she had participated in Kathak dance )

My experience of the World Culture Festival 2016 was truly humbling! The majestic stage in front with artists and a sea of humanity all around, I felt like a miniscule drop in the ocean. Yet felt extremely fortunate to have been a part of this historic event. It was amazing to see Gurudev at his natural best whether it was meeting the dignitaries around him or addressing the audiences. Again, while witnessing it, I felt extremely lucky to have Gurudev in my life and so accessible whenever I have needed him. The way the event took place feels like a miracle. Nothing deterred the enthusiasm of the crowd – nor the rain, nor the cold, nor the long walks to and fro. I am humbled to see how one man with his love brings together people from all walks of life, from 165 countries and reigns our hearts with his message of peace, love and compassion. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. Gratitude for having the opportunity to participate in the kathak dance with 1700 other dances – to dance in front of my Master, our PM and 3.75 million people. It’s an unforgettable experience! Another learning experience was at the Global Leadership Forum, where I heard Gurudev inspiring the leaders from politics and corporate backgrounds. In his words, ‘ Only when there is chaos, can there be a leader, without chaos what is the point of having a leader!’

What I have got back –

I have got an understanding that love transcends all differences. I have experienced live that we are all connected and it is the power of spirituality that binds us all together. Honoring others without prejudice about their labels is what I take home. Serving humanity as my Master endlessly has been serving will be the commitment. It is time to share with others – the light which he has kindled within me.

My message to India and the World –

Life is beautiful and so are the people around! Let us celebrate our differences and unite to spread love and peace. The heart and breath knows no religion, caste or creed! We are one world family!


Name: Akhil Patel 
Profession: Filmmaker 


  1. The first thing that i felt after reaching the venue was a deep sense of wonder. The stage felt as if it is a full fledge display of His Avatar! How can something like this be even comprehended, keep aside implementation.
  2. After watching Him drench in the rain and standing on the stage ALL WET but still so enthusiastic made me feel so irrelevant at that point. At the same time it was the biggest inspiration i have had till date. Opened up a whole new dimension of being in selfless service.

May this body and mind be His instrument in all moments.



Name: Kunal Mehta

Profession: Photographer


As a photographer, you wait for that chance to capture a moment which will remain unforgettable for many years to come, you wait for that particular photograph which you see and say “That’s my best” and you wait for memory cards to fill up with beautiful pictures.

But what happens when you are given a chance to capture not a single moment but moments filled with grandness, each angle you take is itself is perfect and each photograph you click is (master’spiece). An event which will remain stored in my mind for ever and its pictures will keep reminding me of how grateful and lucky I am to have a Guru in my life.



Name- Rima Engineer

Profession-Cranio Sacral Therapist 

Picking a single moment of magnanimity is impossible


There is still an echo of Vedic chants.
My hands are still swaying to the melodious symphony
My mind gets still just by the thought of gurudevs meditation
My feet are still dancing to the beats of Sufi bharatnatyam tango Kathak garba bhangra and all the other dances
My eyes are still wet with love and gratitude and a little sadness of separating from my world family
I am still wonder struck by the celestial presentation of rain storm thunder wind and sunshine bringing out the best rainbow !
I am back home in some corner of Mumbai with more than just memories and experiences
My heart (DIL) is still sailing on the banks of Yamuna river somewhere in (Delhi)  DILLI

Love and only Love
Rima 🙂 :*



Name- Sukeerti Shukla

Profession- Corporate Trainer & Professor 

I remember bumping into a clairvoyant  sometime in February, who told me “you are gonna be a part of something very big”. And I exactly knew what he was talking about, it was WCF.

Starting to learn kathak 3 months back and then getting to give your first performance on a 7.5 acres stage with 1700 others dancers making it  a Guinness World Record!

Getting wet before your 1st performance and performing with wet clothes on wet stage may not be very pleasant but was definitely adventurous & will be remembered for a lifetime!

Something unimaginably magnanimous, colorful, diverse, grand, classy,beautiful,real yet so ethereal.

Yes, i was a part of it and will always be grateful for being one!

In His words experienced Heavens descending on Earth!

What next? 40 years of celebration !! Gurudev we are waiting!


Name- Aditi Shetty

Profession- Chartered Accountant 

World Culture Festival, 2016 was something that a normal human mind couldn’t have comprehended. It was mammoth, not just the visual of a gigantic 7-Acre stage that housed over 35000 performing artists but the coming together and the warmth of 3.75 million people from all around the world, displaying art, colour and love.
In our times, where all that you get to hear is how we, as a society, have failed everyday, this event was much needed to instill our faith in the goodness of people, to respect others ideologies, to learn about their culture and to exhibit ‘One World Family’ so beautifully and effortlessly.
I was lucky not just to have witnessed this event live but also to be a part of the Bharatnatyam dance with other 1700 dancers and soak myself in the powerful energy of Narendra Modi and many other National and International Delgates who spoke with so much vigour and in support of the thought that‪#‎WCF2016 stood for.

It’s been 3 days but I still cannot get over it. The magic was such. Let the borders that demarcate every nation, state and city remain only on the maps, not in our hearts smile emoticon

#WCF2016 ‪#‎ThankYouSriSri ‪#‎WhenTheWorldTourCameToUs



Name- Srishti Jhawar

Profession- Journalist, Network18

It’s 3:30 pm on 11th March 2016. Though I have lined up with thousand others to go on the stage, i haven’t let Facebook know ‘what’s on my mind’, haven’t told family or friends that’s i’ll be performing in some time, while i am mentally thinking if my hair is fine!  I was just feeling so incomplete. I was just hoping if someone could let me use their internet, cuz we had to leave our phones in the green room. And it begins to rain. There is gush in the clouds, and no one exactly knows what to do, how to feel about this.  Most of us were looking for a shade, and then suddenly we hear drums rolling, people jamming, Gujarat dancing on the tunes of Zimbabwe, Assam to the tunes of Himachal, Philippines to the tunes of Nepal. North met South, East met West and everyone I met was simply so happy and celebrating. This was it! A REAL welcome to all of us to the World Culture Festival. It just felt so complete being there. Nothing else mattered then. The sky, the stage, the people, the dignitaries, the roads, the endless walks, the 3 most amazing days… I am missing everything!


What I really liked was when a journalist claimed that WCF is Sri Sri’s private party. to which Gurudev said “ofcourse it’s a private party, the whole world is my family, and when one doesn’t want anything for oneself, everything else becomes his.”

A message has been sent that we are one world family. that we can co-exist with all our differences, love each other despite our diversities. There were internationals who couldn’t even understand the language HE spoke in and still they could hear his message. It is certified that we are all connected with that one thread, that Impossible is nothing, and love moves the world.


Name- M Bakiaraj

Profession- Engineer

The 3 days at the World Culture Festival were the most amazing days of my life. It’s just made me feel more happy and peaceful about the world. I have taken back truck loads of love, care for the entire world and believe that i am truly a part of this ‘one world family’ 🙂


Thank you


Goregaon Art and Culture Festival

An Arts and Culture Festival, in Goregaon (GACF) was conceptualised and staged within an incredibly short period of fifteen days by our volunteers and teachers along with me. The event, brought together children, elders, youngsters, adults of different castes, class, creed and language in celebrating various Indian art forms ranging from music, acting, dancing, drawing etc.The event saw a footfall of over a thousand people and the interesting sight to behold was families, both nuclear and joint, sitting together at one place, smiling, laughing, getting thoroughly entertained by enthralling performances one after other, cheering the participants together, connecting with the crowd around and leaving the GACF venue with smiles and visibly enhanced bonding.With more than a hundred artists performing, making it a unique cultural extravaganza.

Goregaon Arts and Cultural Festival began with a drawing competition named Kaleidoscope wherein approximately 150 children of the age group 5- 21yrs ranging from both mainstream and BMC schools participated. Renowned Artists Shri Ghanshyam ji Gupta and Smt.Pradnya Busari judged the drawings. Kashvee Barjatya a nine year old young author of the book, Lost in the Woods, came and interacted with the drawing competition participants inspiring children to follow their dreams.


Day 1- had a series of musical, acting and dancing performances. Students of Swarajali Singing classes, group casio recital by students of Shri Ghanshyam Bhagat and Smt.Renuka Bhagat, Meera padas by Priya Bhagwat, Mime act by Modi family followed by Guru puja and a short meditation, Bharatnatyam Mythological Ballet on avatars of Lord Vishnu by Smt.Radha Mohan and her team, vocal recital by Jyati Gangani and Sameer Pandit – both international singing artists.


Day 2 – had performance of 20 Tabla playing children lead by their teacher Shri Aditya and accompanied by Shri Sarang on Sitar, followed by an Art of Living Satsang, Flute recital by the disciple of Pt.Shri Hariprasad Chaurasia, Shreedhar jujar, accompanied on Tabla by Shekhar Gandhi, Bharatnatyam performance by Akhila Nair and her group, Vedic hymns and Hatt Yoga by the children of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Borivali, Kathak by Smriti Mishra, choreographed by Pt.Dinesh Chand of Jaipur Gharana, Khayal gayyeki by Smt.Rashmi kulkarni.

Just like a dam channelises the uncontrolled energy of water into a life supporting force, in the same way knowledge given by Gurudev, naturally directs our energy towards constructive activities. It is a wonder how GACF got organised in such a brief period and how all those who became a part of it were touched somewhere deep in their hearts. Yes! Art has the ability to unite.

GACF was a small offering from us for Gurudev’s vision of ‘One World Family’ for which WCF 2016 is being organised.Our entire team is grateful for all the love and support  we got from people in organising this event.

Few Experiences :

Says Shri VInod ji- the sanskrit teacher who won the Central India competition for Vedic chants for SSRVM, borivali -” ऐसे उत्सवों  से शरीर मे उत्साह, उमंग एवं हर्षोल्लास बढ़ता है कला प्रदर्शनकारों एवं दर्शको दोनों पर सात्विक भाव उमडता है । जिसके फलस्वरूप प्रेम, साहचर्यता, एक दूसरे के प्रति आदरभाव जागता है।

Says Mr.DP Aggarwal,  “A great beginning in the direction for uniting the world culture and striving to make the world a GLOBAL VILLAGE. ”

Says, Kathak Pt.Guru Shri Dinesh Chand – ” It was a pleasure to witness &  be a part of such a Divine concert organised by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji’s volunteers of Art Of Living. Feeling blessed..


Special thanks to Rangresa pictures, Akhil Patel and Kunal Mehta for being prime donors of the event. Thanks to Mr. DP Agarwal ji, Mr. RD Agarwal ji, Mr. Nittin Save ji for helping in organising this event. And to all the Artist for contributing their Art at GAFC.




Eleven reasons why I will attend the World Culture Festival

  1. In these testing times when the World is fighting terrorism and hatred, when fear seems to have overtaken faith, It’s time for peace lovers to come together and make a powerful sound. Sounds that will over power all existing disturbances and resonate through the entire Planet. A collective voice that will rekindle faith in Universal Love, in the hearts of all. And carry each of us from the shadow of fear to the light of faith. मिले सुर मेरातुम्हारा, तो सुर बने हमाराThe World Culture Festival (WCF), is that collective call where 3.5 million peace lovers will echo their voice together. And being an ardent peace lover myself I will also like to make some peaceful noise!unnamed 10
  2. Meditation is food for soul. It not only nourishes the spirit of oneself but it also has a positive impact on the surroundings. One can feel a shift in the entropy of a place after mediation, an immediate cooling down effect, which I have personally experienced over last twenty years that I have been practicing meditation. Perhaps for the first time in history of Earth will millions of people gather and meditate together at WCF. Wow! I can’t even imagine the tsunami of positivity that will rise.. The prayers that will rise from the silence of so many souls will surely bring some solace for our Blue Planet and have a cooling down impact on it. Our Planet does need the envelope of our prayers more than ever before, isn’t it. I have a moral obligation towards this planet and so I will attend WCF to pray for it’s well being.unnamed 9
  3. It is a sheer delight to interact with people of different cultures and faiths, to know about their perspective of life. It opens the mind to a wider outlook, which can otherwise be limited to the narrow experiences of One’s small world. A lot of management schools now consider this exposure to be a vital key for success, to have a broader and a more inclusive mindset. I have had the privilege of travelling around the Globe and witnessing diverse cultures and so I also recognise the value of such interactions. The World Culture Festival is a wide platform (literally as the stage will be as big as seven football grounds) for all of us to broaden our perspective as it provides us a unique opportunity for interaction with people from 155 countries.unnamed 3
  4. World leaders from the fields of Politics, Corporates, Arts, Science, Sports, Media etc will all be gathering to reflect on the paradigms of leadership needed to manoeuvre the world today. A Global Leadership Forum(GLF) is being specially organised at WCF for enabling this meaningful interaction. GLF gives me a chance to learn from the rich experiences of these Global leaders.

    unnamed1 copy 

  5. At heart I am also a passionate Artist. I have tried exploring many Art forms since Childhood.  Few forms include Kathak dance,  playing Sitar,  learning Vocal Classical music, writing Poetry, Drawing and Painting. I also chose to study BFA. Art is like another form of meditation. It connects to the inner tranquillity. I am glad that Gurudev has taken up the cause of reinvigorating and re-enlivening classical Art forms. One thousand Kathak Dancers, two thousand Bharatnatyam dancers, Eight thousand five hundred Musicians, Five hundred Russian Dancers, Six hundred and fifty African drummers, Performers from different parts of India- Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra, all on one grand stage. It’s going to be a ‘heaven of a feast’ for an Art lover like me. A Marwari like me would also think, WCF is perfect deal. At the cost of an air ticket it is giving me a chance to view so many international performances!unnamed 2
  6. The Art of living Organisation has given me a big family which extends around the whole World. I have met some of the most incredible people here. Our family members are joining us from all over the World from Norway and New Zealand, Argentina and Africa, Mongolia and Iraq and also from many other countries. As Sri Sri calls WCF- our family reunion,being a hosting nation, I am eagerly waiting to welcome all of our family members from around the world.unnamed 6
  7. A thing common about celebrations is that we all love them, isn’t it. Whether it’s celebrating a festival, a marriage, a birthday, a reunion or any other event, we humans love to celebrate. When I close my eyes and take a trip down the memory lane, I find that the most impressionable and happy moments of my life are of celebrations. Thinking of them brings an instant smile on my face. At WCF coexistence and diversity will be celebrated with the spirit of ‘One World Family’. Life itself will be celebrated. I will give myself a gift by attending this biggest and the most colorful celebration of our times as I love celebrations and I love life.

    Pun Intended –

  8. The greatest fear in a human can be of being left out, so that I won’t have to feel left out, I will surely attend WCF!
  9. From one holiday to another, life evolves, WCF -Another official holiday,Yippee!!!
  10. All important personalities of the World will be attending, being so Important, I must too!!
  11. I am far sighted, so that when my grandchildren read about this event in their history books, I will be able to boast and tell-” I was in the organising teamstock-vector-illustration-of-kids-listening-to-their-grandmother-tell-a-story-237742315


Life is too short, let us not miss a reason to Celebrate, Smile and Spread smiles in this World. See you all on 11th 12th 13th March in New Delhi at the World Culture Festival, let us together create history.कुछ भी हो WCF miss ना हो



In Service

Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

Knowing our farmers

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 12.11.47 PM

Happy Farmers would mean Happy Us.

Food is the basic building block of our life. But when was it, the last time that you attended to the quality of food that you were consuming! It is said the vibrations in the food we consume contributes to our health directly.   “जेसा अन्न वेसा मन”

We may be buying the most expensive food from the market but that does not ensure positive vibrations in it, which can give us good health.  As Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says -“Only when the provider of the food, our AnnaData, is happy can we be happy.

But is the provider of our food, our farmer, really Happy? And do we really care to know!

In the last 6 month more than six hundred farmers have committed suicide in Maharastra. NCRB has claimed to have recorded more than 2.9 lakh farmer suicides in India since 1995.  More facts on suicides can be read here

Isn’t it time that we find out why this is happening and how we can help! Those hands which tirelessly worked through day and night, through floods and draught, for us are calling us for some care..

It’s time, we must reach out and attend to them for our own Happiness and Contentment. Else the plates of our future generations may remain empty. As even those who have hoarded wealth cannot eat gold for food or consume currency to quench hunger. The wealthy of the wealthiest and the richer of the richest are depend on  अन्नदाता, the provider, our farmer for their food.

Let’s remember to pray for them before our meals-

“अन्नदाता सुखी भवा”

Happy Farmers/Happy Us

Let’s do our bit.

Jai Hind
Vasudha Jhunjhunwala

Krishival is a much needed initiative of our time – Know more about them on their Krishival Facebook page

Come and view the Art of living project dedicated for the upliftment of farmers with us – Jal Jagruti Abhiyaan  on 4th-5th-6th   December 

You can connect on +919967446999 for more details on the trip. To know more about Jal Jagriti Abhiyaan, you can visit their page Jal Jagriti Abhiyaan

A short video educating us about the project and the farmers by Akhil Patel, narrated by farmer Mahadev Gomare, an organic farmer expert. Do have a look!

Shiva and Shravan

Shhhwaaahh! :)

Shhh-waaahh! 🙂

The nothingness, from which the fullness of life emerges and dissolves back, is Shiva. The space, in which energy condenses, hibernates and rests, is Shiva. I wondered why lord Shiva was prayed to and had special significance during the month of Shravan, the rainy season. Today morning’s sunrays seemed to have lighted some secrets for me.

During the month of Shravan the energy that dominates is that of dissolution and transformation, this is the energy that Shiva represents. Old is being dissolved- the bacteria are most active, earth’s surface is filled with water and no new crops germinate, the old is being washed away and water floods the creation. And at the level of the mind, I observed very few new intentions emerging. As if the feeling of nothingness fills the creation. And so this month is for letting go of all the past and resting in this nothingness.

Sages gave the science of Rudra Abhishekam, chanting and meditation to experience this tranquility and dive within. Because Shiva Tatva is so dominant at this time it is much easier to retrieve and Rest in “that” infinite space.


Until the 1st ray of the sun touches the earth again and new life springs up from Shiva Tatva after being transformed. The celebration of Janmastmi, the birth of Lord Krishna marks coming of new life, just around the end of Shravan month. And then in the month of Bhadra, Lord Ganpati with his Grandeur welcomes the coming of this new life. And removes all obstacles from it’s way for life to be able to grow.

Life celebrates itself again. In the next month of Aasvani we celebrate Durga Pooja. The elements play with each other, manifest as Tamas, Rajas and Satva. And finally Devi/Energy/Life wins over inertia/death and victory of life is celebrated.


Often in Hindu religion people wish each other new year on Diwali which is celebrated in the next month Kartik as commerce flourishes around this festival for the year ahead. And the cycle of life continues..

All of this emerges from that infinite space, which germinates from nothingness, Shiva Tatva during Shravan and dissolve back into it. That nothingness which brings out the Fullness of life in the year ahead.

From the Month of Shravan and from this cycle of Birth, Death and Transformation, I learn that -Unless the old is washed away no matter how beautiful or ugly it was, transformation is not possible and without transformation evolution cannot happen. For new to emerge, old must dissolve. Life’s nature is to evolve, from a seed to a stem, from a stem to a bud and from a bud to a flower, life evolves naturally. And this cycle completes every Shravan.

Shravan is the time for celebrating infinite peace and infinite stillness, rest in Shiva tatva.  And so Every time I retrieve back, meditate and dissolve into nothingness I celebrate Shravan of my own life.


Happy Ganesh Utsav to all! 🙂


Happy Picnic at Aarey Picnic Spot

Picnics can be so much fun!! Playing Games, spending time with Nature, Singing, Dancing, Meditating, Wow!  Our Happy picnic today was all this and more. Becoming a child again, Carefree and Connected to the beauty of life. Here are few glimpse of some Happy Moments we all spent today 🙂


The winners of “Lagori”

pic 17

Winners of Game “Do I know you”. The Game’s Host was Rima Engineer (The vivacious girl on the right side in yellow)

pic- 16

Kho Kho the ever green game we played at school 🙂 Remember!!

pic 11pic-4pic-3

Meditating with Trees. Felt as though we synced with nature. The chirping of the birds, the fresh air, the shade of the trees …


Selfies with Trees 🙂 Our tree was named Sundarlal by Chirag 🙂

pic 7

The Balloon Relay.

And there was excellent food Organised by DP uncle and Radhe Shyam ji. Dancing steps with Chirag and so much more..

pic -5

Happy Picnic at our Own Aarey Milk colony 🙂